focloir said:

sometimes I think about the people in the world existing alongside us. some random people who I would have known but don't. at least not yet anyway. like a man named james standing behind the counter waiting for his turn, thinking about his lover a thousand miles away. or a girl named naomi kissing a boy for the first time. I think about these strangers and hope that maybe someone else is wondering about me too. And I feel glad that somehow our lives, no matter how far away, are all connected.

Letter: To Felano Glacierwind

Despite the magic being whispered across the very parchment, it is almost assuredly true that Felano would sense the Runic magic placed upon the page. If another’s touch lingered too long on the page, it would dissipate into a million particles only to be lost in the wind. Only the eyes of the intended would reveal the words upon the page.

Dear Felano,

The game has been put in place and moves at a rapid pace. We need to speak as soon as possible.

On all levels imaginable, the ‘darkness’ moves closer. I only mentioned briefly to you, my fear of what was coming. It looms so close I can almost touch it, taste it on my tongue, feeling it creeping along my flesh. I pray you can help me.

I have enclosed a temporary Legist signet until you are fully trained and devise one of your own.

I wait to hear from you… I hope it is sooner rather than too late..





anonymous said:

Some people think that those who leave without saying goodbye doesn't give a flying fuck about the people they leave behind. They do though. I know this because I'm one of them. We leave without a word not because we don't care, but it's because we just don't know how to say goodbye.

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