It was pure amazingness! Everyone was so funny and the songs sounded great. I couldn’t stop laughing!! Laura and Lucia were amazing as Calliope and Melpomene. They were my favorites of the entire show. Then would have to come my boyfriend who played Zeus and Young Danny(:
Everyone did a fantastic job and i only hope that tonight is even better(:
If you’re in the Milford area…. please considering attending this hillarious show. It’s definitely worth your money(:

ukging asked:

had no idea you liked Doctor Who. I like you even more XD haha

:o really!?! Aaaah Doctor Who is probably the thing, other than HP, that everyone knows me for haha! Obsessed. :)

YAY :’D Doctor Who ftw <3 :) 

And might I add that you are really quite wonderful? :D

ukging asked:

I<3 you. You have a nice life. You make me happy. You

should message me. Someday I will call you on the phone. You + me = shall be friends.

If I saw you now I’d say "OH HEY". I want to sing to you. I

would build a fork just

for you. If I could sing you any song it would be a harry potter song.

We could frollick under the stars.

Laura :3

(P.S. i like darren criss)


We shall be friends. :’) Sing to me, go on. Just do it.

A fork? LOL I like this idea.

I LIKE DARREN CRISS. Which means I love you >;D