Majnun walked in front of a man that was praying and when the man finished he rebuked Majnun claiming that he’d distracted him.

Majnun simply replied, “My love for Layla is such that I don’t even know where I’m going let alone notice you praying here, yet you claim to love the one that you worship but a wandering man makes you forget your beloved, what kind of love is this?”


I found out that my older brother loves SasuSaku too and he was worried about his favorite couple. I felt his pain because I just wanted Sakura to be with the person she loved and I want her to be happy. these pictures gave me hope! I had to show it to my brother. Sarada looks just like Sakura her forehead is big just like Sakura’s. Has anyone noticed? And if SasuSaku isn’t canon why did Kishi draw a picture of Sasuke’s family? Why did Sasuke poke Sakura’s forehead? I do hope the next chapter will explain what’s going on. I am tired of the shipping war. Anyway SasuSaku fans do not give up hope. I think Sasuke is on an important mission we do not know yet. Let’s just pray! Sorry for my English

maybe today is the day that my special subject investigation aka my huge nearly 8,000 word essay on prog finally gets handed back to me with a mark after almost a year since I handed it in

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Any Coldplay money in this new record?

Let us all hope and pray that we start making some Coldplay money. Maybe I can get rid of half of my student loan debt before I die.
- d


[FANCAFE] 150426 Song Kyungil


여러분 잘있는거죠?
느낌이 딱 !
저희가 배경화면사진드릴라고 준비했어요
기다리는동안 우리꺼 배경화면해놓고 기다리시길!!
날씨가 많이 따뜻해졌네요
조금있으면 스토리아 눈과귀를 따뜻하게해드릴게요 ㅋ




Everyone’s been fine right?
The feeling is exactly !
Like we’re going to meet again soonㅋㅋ
We prepared these background images to give to you.
I hope you use our pictures for your background while you’re waiting for us!!
We’ll come back soon.
The weather has gotten a lot hotter hasn’t it.
In just a little while we’ll make STORIA’s eyes and ears hot ㅋ


STORIA let’s pray for Nepal

trans cr: his-torybegins
please take out with full credits

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Can we please pray that Coed/TGLC gets blessed by the cheer gods and win large coed? If Coed Elite fucking wins the CEA fans will never let us forget it


alSO (i saw this on another post n like hELL YEAH) bellamy blake is one of the most internalizing people ever like he doesn’t want people to suffer the way he has so how tf do u expect me to believe he just irradiated a bunch of mountain men and then was like “lol yeah so hey clarke while i was in there they also tried to drain me of blood” ???? when in all honesty that info would have to be FUCKINF RIPPED from him before he offered it willingly I jUST


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANYA justinjieber !!!!! I know we haven’t talked in a while but you’re part of the taurus squad so ofc I had to make something for u 😎 I decided to make a photoset of all the jarbara moments/manips that we’ve fangirled over the past few years (lets pray for another jarbara moment pleathe 😩🙏🏼), but srsly happy birthday bish and I hope u have an amazing day and get everything that you’ve wanted this year my aussie heaux ily 👏🏼💕😌🎉🎂💫🐨

It’s going to be 79 degrees today…..lets all take a minute to pray for me