record hunting with josh today and i got a devendra banhart x xiu xiu thing idk how that combo works but im excited for it also its HOT PINK also i got this ant-bee thing and i only got it because the bees and honey were aesthetically pleasing to me but apparently its psychedelic rock so i will prob like it anyway

letmeworryaboutblank said: u didnt get in a street fight?


you caught me i was beating up dumb boys again


likelaurels said: ooh I love this picture!! you are so pretty but also intense and the white bandage and shirt are interesting ambiguous narrative things… I’m going to make it into a draw/painting I think


well its my pajamas but thanks for being so cute sophie

@letmeworryaboutblank said:chillll


you are drunk i know bc i saw your twitter

also boys that crossdress dont just appear out of thin air AND become interested in me what do you want from me