#LetMeShowYouLove #cutcopy @cut_copy (at Vive Latino 2014 #XVLindio14)

This is getting ridiculous… this band refuses to stop being a big part of my life. Their set at Coachella in 2011 may have been the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, but it’s shocking that they come as close as they do to replicating that same level of energy every time I’ve seen them… the show a few nights ago in nyc was no different.

And winning free tickets on social media is pretty glorious.


letmeshowyoulove replied to your post: I saw @letmeshowyoulove!! She gave me kandi. Vdorvfgdgd, now off to eat then stereo live!!!

WHAT THE?! i traded with you and you didn’t even say “hey i’m from tumblr!!!” which piece did i give you?

Lol, I was wearing my Glove&Tut&Liquid&Digit purple shirt, You were the last person I saw before I left. Ummm, you traded with some guy and I tapped you on the shoulder and said I was from tumblr. klahjs;dklfj loooool, you gave me the one with 5 little beads in the middle on both sides and the rest that are surrounding it are big ones. It’s one that I’m never going to take off! :D