letmebeakid said:

Tag! You're it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then go to 10 other blogs and tell them they are it! ;) <3

hahaha, okay!

1. i play the guitar
2. i’ve been writing songs since i can remember
3. i am no one without music. it’s the greatest thing on earth.
4. i really don’t like many of my friends.
5. i want to make music for a living, but i feel like people wouldn’t take me seriously.
6. i have 2 siblings.
7. my favorite color is yellow.
8. i hate my body.
9. i’d leave my town without blinking if i could.
10. i’m blessed with a lot of things, but i’m still not satisfied.

letmebeakid said:

22, 23, 24.

22. Someone I miss.

My best friend Jayson. He always would come over and cuddle and make me feel better.

23. Someone I love.

My best friends I guess.

24. My relationship with my parents.

Not so bad with my mom, horrendous with my dad