Tus piernas se clavan en mis ojos como cuchillas afiladas; la delicada linea de tus muslos me quiebra sobre el horizonte que dibuja a contraluz tu espalda. Me arrodillo para alcanzarte con los dedos y rozo tu vientre extendido, delineo la forma de tus labios con mi boca cerrada.

Yazheel YaoYoltzin - Tlatemoani (buscador)


They are called Leteas or the Itinerants…

Well, i’m not sure which one is the closest to the idea i had in my mind…

Actually, i’m trying to draw them since 2012…*sigh* still not succeeded…

They are guarding the Garden of the Gods, Éjalána’s four entrance…
Blind, deaf and dumb demigods.
They do not need these senses, because they feel the living(!)beings energy.
They hear and speak through thoughts.
The only reason they have mouth because when someone wants to intrude or leave the Garden with intensions against the Gods and Ancients, they breathe on the person and this breath brings along oblivion…
Maybe just a few thoughts, but it can be a lifetime amnesia…