“Don’t say it’s over” Calum pleaded again.

“I cannot stay with someone who cheated. It seems like the whole world is laughing at me because I was so oblivious to everything that was going on. It’s all over the magazines, headlines over headlines, thousands of notifications on twitter, tumblr, it’s even on the fucking TV , Calum. How do you think it feels? You were holding hands with that goddamn girl after you came from a romantic dinner. You don’t even took me out once in the past six months!” You yelled at the dark haired boy.

“It’s paranoia. You’re seeing things, Y/N” he tried to reason.

“Oh, of course. That’s all just my fantasy. It makes random girls magically appear next to you. Let me guess: Because I wish for it, right?” You couldn’t calm down. He was getting on your last nerves. 

“Media is just playing some tricks on your mind again. They probably got bored and needed another story” he shrugged. Calum didn’t see these articles as a problem since he knew he didn’t cheat on you. You weren’t that sure and his calm irritated you.

“You just let them influence our realtionship way too much!” Now it was your boyfriend who was getting angry. “Do they fucking control you? Because I think so. Y/N, you know me better than I. I would never do this to you. I love you! I’m innocent.”

You huffed not believing him, leaving the room. You couldn’t face him any longer.

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“I like to think we were born
on the same day. Why not
let’s speculate. Your heart

bent and hovering
over the front lawn. Mine
in contrails, softly

against the blue. If it wasn’t
like that let’s say it wasn’t
at all. Don’t let’s

fight. Don’t say I didn’t though
I didn’t. Let’s put everything back
like we wanted. I raise my hand.

A conductor. Darling, lightning,
let’s begin. You, singing
in the off key. Me,

in the wrong
skin again. Hold
your applause. Don’t

approve. It’s not
like that. Let’s say
I don’t know how to start

a fire without you. I just keep
talking, talking, I repeat: let’s play
deity. We weren’t born

at all. We were counter-
feit. I made you.
You made me, too.”

Camille Rankine, “Coincidentia Oppositorum”

i can still see it

i’ve been replaying that afternoon,
with my windows rolled down,
in my head and i hope i didn’t
mess anything up because i’ve
been looking at every angle
and trying to find a flaw,
but all i see and feel is my
happiness leaking out of me
as i replace it with fear.

yesterday i thought about you
while helping customers 
and i guess i had a happy
look on my face because
for once they were nice to me,
and im still thinking about
your mouth on my neck
and your fingers in my hair.

i know it seemed like
i pushed you away,
but you have no idea
how i wanted you closer.
i’ve been going over everything
and all i want to do is
go back to the mall and
instead of letting that 
sea of unspoken words
linger between us,
i wish i could go back,
and hold your hand from 
the moment you stepped into my car
to the moment you walked away from me.

i can still smell you on my skin.

  • i09:The gem fusion and reveal of Garnet in “Jail Break” can you talk a little bit about what that reveal meant for Garnet and Steven?
  • Rebecca Sugar:All of the Gems were holding off on letting Steven in on their harder-to-understand Gem attributes, like Amethyst’s origins in the Kindergarten… I think Garnet felt confident to show Steven Ruby and Sapphire pretty much after she saw him form Stevonnie with Connie, since he’s had his own first hand fusion experience (she’s been giving him fusion-specific advice since earlier than that though, she tells him he’ll be great at fusion back in “Giant Woman”) but it had to be special, hence the Birthday plan… she definitely didn’t want Steven to watch her get destroyed and meet her halves in prison cells. Steven does understand though, to some extent, what it means for Garnet to be Garnet and he’s seen first hand how much Ruby and Sapphire love each other, and he’s going to ask more about it and he’s going to learn more about it soon. Actually… the Gem he knows the least about at this point is Pearl.

Talkign to wt makes me so EMOTIONS tho because it just makes me think about what a smoll Sherlock is, and how if we were friends i would just want to hold his hand and tell him that it would be okay and that he should relax because john loves him and literally thinks he is perfect. LIKE. SHELROCK JUST HUG YOUR ALLIGATOR JOHN WILL NOT THINK ANY LESS OF YOU IT’S OKAY BABY LET IT ALL OUT JUST LET IT OUT

i dont think i can move on for a very long time. all i want is you, and i want you to want me. i havent stopped daydreaming about us and dreaming about being in your arms. i miss you so much, and i still feel your arms around my body and on my body. i want to be with you 24/7, i wanna hold your hand and never let go. i miss our sexts and i miss our debates. i miss learning about each other, even tho we still are, and i miss the skype calls that were short and long. i miss your crazy hair and i miss you playing with mine. i still love your smile and i wish i could see you soon to see you smile. i want to be with you and only you, and i love you so fucking much. i miss you, and i miss us. i want you to be so happy but at the same time i want you to be happy with me. i want to see and make you smile and i want to love you, its killing me not being with you. i miss us so fucking much you dont even know.

Today is a good day

I have been close to tears these past few days.Never have I been so proud to be Irish.Never have I been part of such a historic moment in my country’s history.I am beyond thrilled that my very first time voting was for a change that so badly needed to come.

It is bizarre for me to think that just three years before I was born it was a criminal offence to be homosexual in Ireland.I was born in 1996.Let that sink in for a moment.In 1993 it was illegal to love someone of the same sex,not allowed to hold your partners hand in public without threat of being persecuted.

Scrolling through the Twitter trend #hometovote,we were told stories of Irish people living overseas coming home by any means necessary just to ensure that their fellow citizens were awarded equal rights.People came from all over the world on trains,boats,planes,all to vote for equality in Ireland for all of its citizens,regardless of their sexuality.

Months of looking at No posters and listening to people spewing hate on TV had left me doubting if the Yes vote was going to win.I am happy to be proven wrong.

Ireland may be a backwards little country in so many ways,but today we told the Catholic Church that they can no longer bully us and tell us what to do and what to think is right and wrong.

Today our little island made history by becoming the first country to legalize gay marriage by popular vote.I have been more proud to be Irish these past few days than any of my past 19 Paddy’s days.

In years to come,future generations are going to look back at this time with the same amount of disbelief and confusion I do when I look back to 22 years ago when it was a crime to love someone of the same sex in this country.They will be confused by the fact that human rights had to be voted on,not just awarded without hesitation like human rights should be.But we will be able to tell them of the determination of the Irish people and the involvement of the youth of the country.

Well done Ireland.The day has come

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can you fill me in on this alex potential new gf situation?

Sure!! They were first spotted together at the Rolling Stones concert the other night in LA, although some think she might be the girl he went to a Royal Blood gig with a while back. According to onlookers they were holding hands and kissing, and some said he did refer to her as his “girlfriend” to fans at the show. That’s pretty much about it, at least from what I’ve heard here. But yay lets hope he’s happy :)

When she was little with clear eyes
if she wanted a friend she would ask,
and that would be the end of the story.
Hers, however, wasn’t over just yet
People caught on, twisted her honesty
into a barb that bleeds of broken hopes
They placed a collar around a neck
that’s tired of holding her head up,
chokes her when she dares to think
of a forever home.
Friendships were no longer an eager
puppy exploring the world, but instead
a wild stray who growled at whoever
got too close, too fast -
Walk away first so they can’t
take away the food, her ribs sharp
edges against her skin that tell me of how
long she’s been denying her hunger
She learned not to trust the hands
feeding her, wary of this new home
she won’t be able to hold onto for long
She won’t admit now, won’t let her fingers
stretch forward to grasp what she wants
So I wait here instead, offering treats
stuffed with hangouts and texts,
Until maybe one day
my strange scent becomes home.
—  mylan
Dear John: IV. A ticket

This is the ticket to the first art exhibit we saw at the Hunnington, see how it says: The Hunnington Presents “Art of the Underground: Unseen Works of Clarize Wüthrich”, June 6, 2012, student matinee (door sale), 9 AM-3 PM only, please hold on to this ticket. I was pacing outside the Hunnington at ten in the morning with hands shoved in my pockets and a head full of lies. You were late, and you know what I’m thinking now, John? It’s that I never got to learn if running late was a habit of yours or not. I was thinking, thinking about how it is was a Wednesday, how stupid I must look going back and forth on an empty street, alone, probably overdressed in the A-line sash skirt my sister let me borrow, thinking if I should have worn my third favorite top instead, thinking about how much the damn tickets cost. Show up, I thought. You’re just John Pryce, so what if you don’t show up, who cares? Show up, screw you, prove my hate for boys wrong, show up, I’m so stupid, show up, show up, show up, where the hell are you?

    “Hey,” I felt a tap on my upper back, a quick poke on my lace top.

    “Hi,” I squeaked. Your hair was combed and dry, your lips in a shy smile and you looked like you were embarrassed, jumpy even.

    “I’m sorry I’m late. I got off the bus two blocks from here.” You said, and I finally noticed how sweaty you were. “I forgot the name of the gallery and got down when the driver said Huntington.”

    “Huntington Street. And what did you find there?”

    “A place we can eat at later, maybe.” You smiled. “I like here better. So, what’s up?”

    “An art exhibit. It’s the first of three in the country for my favorite artist. She rarely shows her work. You’ve never been here?”

    “Yeah, never.”

    “I’m here, like, every weekend. That or Casalana’s.”

    “Another art place?”

    “It’s a library slash bookstore, they have vintage, mostly, so not many people of my age go there.”

    “And if you’re not there?”

    “Hmm,” I thought for a second, “I’m at the coffee shop every morning.”

    “Good. I’ll remember that when I’m looking for you.” You said, and I savored it for a moment.

    “You’ll be stalking me?”

    “Yeah.” You smiled. “I kidnap girls most weekends. And who’s this artist again?”

    “Clarize Wüthrich, the Artist of the Underground, she’s called. I am in love with her.”

    “I didn’t know you were in the closet.”

    “Shut up.”

    “And how old is this woman?”

    “Hmm,” I thought. “Around her fifties, why?”

    “So you’re that kind of lesbian,” you said, “Who goes for the sugar mommas.”

    “Shut up.”

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Soon My Love

I sit here cramming anything and everything mindlessly in my mouth.
My thoughts have yet to fully comprehend the recent news.
I keep staring at my hands fully expecting to hold yours once more.
I keep pacing at the door thinking that you’ll come home.

I don’t know how the universe saw fit to let these things pass.
They must have been jealous, jealous of the fact that we… We were perfect.
There was not a time at night that I went to bed angry, I had you.
You belong here with me.

Maybe it’s the fact that I had a tad too much to drink, but I feel you here.
I hear your faint laughter floating throughout the house.
I feel the warmth that your skin gave me daily.
I feel the anger of you by how I am acting.

How am I supposed to carry on, you were… Are my everything.
I am not to blame by my “now” every day actions.
You are, you are the one that left me… Left me alone.
You broke your promise, I will join you soon my love.

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If you were my girlfriend I would hug you every chance I get and I would hold your hand and swing are arms has we walked I also would get hyper around you so I would do anything silly I could think of just to get you to smile and laugh because that's how I roll :) lol (sorry I'm hyper right now so this come out all over the place)

Anon, you sound amazing! I am usually in continuous need of a hug, because I don’t let a lot of people close enough to me, and I would giggle like an idiot if you swung my hand around. 💕

Also, don’t apologize!! Your message was so lovely, and left me practically swooning, lol. Also, I get crazy hyper a lot, too! Thank you for the message!☺️

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I need to share w/ someone but I'm a Leo w/ a Sag crush and he invited me over today and we ended up watching a horror movie and at one point our hands were almost touching and I saw him look at them a few times but I was too shy to hold his hand :/♥

(hi I got your message about how you’re the Leo liking the sag a few days ago welcome back 😂) but awwwwh this is literally so cute omg please let this relationship happen!! it’s okay that you were too shy to hold his hand bby don’t worry. I seriously think one of you guys should go for it

Okay guys now that I’m off work I want to tell you about the dream I had last night.

Okay, so it was the fourth of July and I was in a park I think with Steve waiting for fireworks and such idk why but we were hanging out. So then suddenly Bucky as Winter Soldier Bucky (but this was post WS so idk) and they were going to fight until the fireworks went off. The fireworks reminded him it was Steve’s birthday and he started remembering things(but not me because of the fact I’m not from the 40s.) Finally we agreed to go home but Steve wouldn’t let me walk alone and we started walking of course but the next thing I knew Bucky was holding one hand with his bionic arm hand and Steve took the other and that’s when I woke up… But the thing is I felt Bucky’s metal arm. I felt how he had a tight grip and it was cold but since the way it was designed it also pinched my skin.

Idk. It gave me Bucky feelings and gah.


I think it’s really funny that people think they can tell me what I need in my life and what’s best for me but when I start to speak on what I need, everything I say is wrong??? There’s a difference between giving someone advice and trying to persuade them to do what YOU think is good for them. Everyone needs to shut the fuck up and stop trying to hold my hand and guide me through shit I didn’t ask you for that. I asked for advice, say your piece and then stop talking. Just because I’ve let you step into the situation and just because you’ve had previous experiences that were similar doesn’t mean you’re a fucking expert. I’m sick of the people in my life thinking I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m naive and stupid. Nah bruh I see things as clear as day because I’m logical, so miss me with all that fufu lame shit, I’m not about it. If I wanted you to map out my life I would pay you for it. But seeing how no one is being paid to tell me what to do or make my decisions, everyone can fuck off. Bye.


From Series of things that cause #controversy: went out to celebrate my #lawgraduation then this film at side turned frill ‘cause the guy was holding my hand and danced with me … So would I have hooking up with him? Of course not, I think no one got five years old, dance, hold hands is not hooking up! He was super polite to me and I reciprocates being friendly, just that! There were off only five years of law school and many others full of trouble, which has invoked my night, it was not the good 'cause a guy had danced with me, but, have completed course, my #moment, my #happiness comes from mission accomplished, not I had known a boy !! Let’s grow please guys, I wont give a damn to dance with a guy and good I do not give a damn for relationships especially as in this particular case wasn’t it, he was polite and I friendly , OK! Who says you need to be a #celebrity to be turned into gossip of the week …

Fuck, I’m such a joke. To think I thought you were interested in me. Maybe you were but something has changed and now I find myself in such a familiar position: struggling to hold on to your attention. Failing. The problem must be me because everyone loses interest in me and not the other way round. Should I keep fighting for your company or let you go? Let everyone go… All my friendships seem so one-sided in fact. And not having the upper hand gives me terrible emotional stress. I think I might fizzle out soon. Hopefully. I don’t know what I’m saying. Future self, if this is happening to you again, I’m so sorry. I know it’s not something you can stop. It’s the same cycle: you’re neutral, you get attached and then you start pining because the tables turned. Sigh sigh sigh

My love token~
While they were prepping me for surgery, my Mom and G-ma walked with Evelyn up and down the corridor outside to calm her down/distract her. She found some rocks, picked out a perfect one and wouldn’t let go! When they were allowed to come back in and see me before I was given the anesthesia, Evelyn handed me that rock and smiled. I thanked her, and asked her to hold onto it for me while I had my surgery. She gave it right back and smiled again. The rock stayed under my bed through the surgery, and was waiting for me when I woke up! Evelyn was pretty stoked to see me when I was allowed to leave, and I’d like to think She smiled extra because her Mama held onto this special love rock 💕

you should have held my hand

hand holding is so simple yet so intimate. for me it is a huge part of my relationship. If we are sitting on the couch next to each other, hold my hand. if we are driving in the car, hold my hand. if we are at a party, hold my hand. it is a small gesture that lets me know you are thinking about me. one thing that always hurt me with my ex is that whenever we were in the car, he would never hold my hand. I would nudge it towards him while I was driving or while he was driving, but he would never hold it. and I know I could have just grabbed is hand, but I want a guy who will do it without me having to force him or tell him