The other day a reporter for a local paper called to ask if I would meet him at one of the construction projects we’re overseeing that just started up a couple of weeks ago. He was working on an article to let the locals know what the project was all about. I cleared it with the client and met the guy there yesterday morning.

the meeting turned into a full-on interview. The guy was completely clueless about construction, so he asked a lot of questions, which would be fine except that he asked questions about everything. He kept leading me into tangents about technical things that were irrelevant to the story he was writing and had no public interest, like details of the state’s public bid laws, for instance.

The story went live on their web site last night and in print today, and as I somewhat expected after the interview, he mangled it. Some quotes were somewhat out of context, and so abbreviated that they seem foolish. Then there was one graph where he made it seem like I was speaking poorly of the client.

So I called the client this morning, and he wasn’t put off by the article. He told me that he avoids talking to this particular reporter because his modus operandi is to mangle interviews, twist them around, and get the story completely wrong.

Which would have been good information to have before the interview.

Honored to have my hometown City Paper draw me and my pal John in a story about the wonderful Little Pete’s diner, a Philadelphia institution that is slated to go the way of the idea of the idea of the turkey as our national bird. 

If you live in Philadelphia, go to Little Pete’s while you still can! I hope to make at least one more serving of scrapple there before it’s too late. Perhaps Hodgman and I will make this story come true? Or mostly true? I’ll let you know. We’ll definitely take pictures and try to match the outfits as illustrated.

Thank you, Mike Sgier, thank you Little Pete’s, thank you Philadelphia, and thank you scrapple.

lmao! Damon was all like, “Don’t push me…” and I love how she didn’t go along with it and goad him and say “or what’ or something else. She didn’t let him change the subject or try and play who’s baddest with threats. She skipped right over that nonsense and continued like he never opened his mouth to begin with. Ripped through all that bullshit he deluded himself with like tissue paper. Bonnie wasn’t about to argue or hear what he had to say. She knows how to cut him to his core, that’s for sure. I never really thought about it, but them being closer means their serious arguments are going to be vicious as hell.

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Hi! So on my a world history class we were to choose a topic to write about in an essay, so I chose feminism. But for the draft it is asking me to look up 3 research questions to write my essay about. How can I classify feminism in three categories?

Here ya go! Take your pick.

1. Liberal feminism 

2. Radical Feminism

3. Intersectional Feminism

4. 2nd Wave Feminism 

5. Postmodern Feminism

6. Womanism

Or if those don’t do it for you, click on any of those links and then look for this box on the right for even more categories. Contrary to popular anti-feminist belief, feminism is NOT a group-think ideology, and there are a TON of complimentary and sometimes conflicting philosophies and priorities for different feminists, as you see below!

Good luck with the paper! Let me know how it goes.

in on a friday night, with ink and the family bond, thinking about getting married this summer– looking to raise some extra funds to help me and my future family get started, let me know if you’re interested in some drawings or a painting posted recently, we would be most grateful for your support!!



Oh- Calum Hood imagine

Requested by Anonny 

“Could you please write an imagine about Calum Hood from 5sos? Where he really likes you a lot and it’s very fluffy and sweet?”

A/N Hey babe thanks for the request it’s my first one on this new blog! I don’t know much about Calum Hood but I tried my best if anything is horribly wrong please let me know :)))

You plopped down on your bed huffing out a relieved sigh as your back stretched on the mattress. Rodgernomix was playing softly in the background as you admired the glow in the dark stars littering the ceiling. You had just arrived home after one of the longest days of your life. Enjoying the privacy that offered itself so rarely towards you.

You were an executive assistant at some lame paper company called Dunder Mifflin (Office reference holla). The only reason you worked there was because your job was basically pointless and you could write the book you had been working on in complete peace, plus print off all the drafts you wanted. With the money you had some what scammed from your simple job you could afford a small apartment in the upper east side of your town. It was a nice building but most of the residents were over 70 so parties were strictly banned. Not that that was an issue. It was however for your rowdy neighbor who could barely remember his room number yet could recite every detail you had told him about yourself backwards and forwards. His name was Calum and after the amount of time you two spent together you wouldn’t think twice about calling him your best friend.

As your stomach began to groan you decided pizza was in order (get it) and texted your friend Joseph to bring around a pizza. Funnily enough that was how the two of you met, he delivered for Pizza Hut so he brought you pizzas nearly every Friday. It became so regular he would sometimes bring them over even before you knew you wanted one. When you heard Joseph knocking you slid on some pants, payed him a hefty tip and then went straight into Calums apartment.  

“Oi big boy, I brought pizza.” You called out swinging the door open.

“Shit Y/N a little warning would have been nice.” Calum said quickly quickly covering his junk with his hands.

“Well I think it’s about time you always expect me to come over any time and to stop walking around your house naked.” You stated mater of factly, “Plus my eyes sting after I have to was them out with soap.” Calum rolled his eyes walking over to the bench where you had placed the pizza.

“Eww what the hell why’d you get hawaiian?!” he groaned, you could tell he was pouting even with your head in the fridge.

“Shut up Calum it’s my favorite.” You said turning back to him beers in hand. “Now stop complaining and put on some pants” You sighed. Calum poked his tongue out at you and trotted off down the hall to his room.

“You know this wouldn’t be an issue if you just agreed to go out with me.” Calum said walking back into the room now wearing a pair of black sweatpants and a jumper. “We could both just walk around naked all the time.” He smirked winking at you. You rolled your eyes at his comment. Calum was very obvious about his attraction to you, he’d been trying to get you to date him since the day you met. If the two of you were out in town people would approach you about how cute you two were and Calum would just grow this shit eating grin and grab you round your waist before you could even deny that you were together. That shitting grin was on his face right now as he watched you eat pizza.

“Stop looking at me like that I’m not gonna date you.” You laughed.

“Why not.” He whined, “you turn down everyone! Why can’t you just let me take you on one measly date I think I’ve made it very clear how desperately in love with you I am” He pleaded. You punched his shoulder, trying to hide a small smile.

“Come on.” You said tugging at his sleeve. “Lets watch a movie.” You add, dragging him over to the couch. You both settle on the couch together Calum worriedly looking at you every few seconds. You had been friends for nearly a year but you weren’t a very touchy feely person so he was very confused but thrilled when you rested your head on his shoulder and snuggled into his side. You rolled your eyes yet again as he tapped his foot hurriedly. “Can you stop that.” You groaned.

“I’m sorry I’m just really fucking happy right now and I don’t know what to do.” He said smiling so big at you you thought he might rip his face. You had to hold yourself back from a sarcastic remark instead giggling softly turning your face into his neck. You felt his breath hitch at the contact causing a smile to grow on your face.

“You are so dorky.” You mumbled softly.

“Well excuse me if the most beautiful girl in the world decides she all of a sudden wants to watch a movie and cuddle with me!!! I mean I trying pretty hard not to piss my pant here right no-Oh.” Calum suddenly interrupted himself as he felt your hand softly cup his face and your lips brush against his cheek.

Also if you enjoyed this can you please tell me I’m not sure if this style of writing is what y’all want :)))

Her Worst Nightmare || Jules x Elena

Of all days for the printer to stop working in the library, it was today. The first game she’d be attending now that she and Jules were back together and she was running late. As soon as she had finished turning in her paper, she ran back up to her room to change into her Lions t-shirt and grab her phone off the charger. Immediately, she sent Jules a text in hopes he would see it before going out on the field. I am running so late. I was trying to get my English paper printed and they stopped working in the library so I had to go down to Ms. H’s room and beg her to let me use the printer. I was not about to email that batty old lady my paper. She barely knows how to open a web page! Anyways, I love you and wish you all the luck. I am on my way right now. I promise I’ll be cheering in the stands front and center. Kick that QB’s ass for me, okay? I hear he’s a real prick! Slipping her phone into her pocket, she rushed over to her door. She knew she wasn’t that late, but she also knew she would definitely miss the run out onto the field and in that time, he wouldn’t see her. 

Just as she opened her door, she came face to face with the one person she thought would stay away. Brett Matthews. It seems he failed to care about the fact that Jules had smashed his face in. Regardless, she was scared. “Get out of my way.” 

Study Date with Namjoon

“This is so hard.” you whined.

“ Thats not the only thing thats hard” Namjoon said under his breath. You turned and looked at him.

“ What was that?”

“ Nothing.”

“ Whatever, I give up.” you said, closing your textbook and taking your glasses off then lying face first on your bed.

“ Oh no you don’t Missy! You have to get your grade up. Let me help you? Come on please.” he begged pulling you back into a sitting position.

“ Namjoon, I dont know any of this and finals are is 2 weeks.. Im not going to know all this stuff by then.” you argued,

“ Okay well… Ah! How about if you get these right,” he said, starting to write equations on a piece of paper. “ I’ll take you out.” he said with a smile

“ Oppa… you do that anyway.. UGH whatever just give me it.” you whined ripping the paper out of his hands.

You took your hair out from the bun and pulled on the sleeves of the sweatshirt Namjoon let you barrow.
Letting out a breath you began to solve the equations. Namjoon bit his lip without you knowing. You looked so sexy with the way your hair fell in beautiful waves and your fresh, no makeup face. The fact that you bit the end of the pen made him want you even more.
Namjoon ripped the book away from you and all the other things on the bed fell. He grabbed you and threw you under him.

“ NAMJOON!? WHAT THE HELL.. I was almost done.” you said.

His face got dangerously close, you could practically see the rage and fire in his eyes.

“ You are such a fucking tease.” he growled.

“ I didnt do anything!!” you yelled, trying to push him off.

Namjoon was not taking it, he grabbed your arms, pinned them above your head and attacked your lips. You wanted to pull away, knowing that Namjoon was your best friend, but you couldnt. His plump lips were irresitable. He took your bottom lip into his teeth and bit down. All you could do was let a moan out. He pushed his body between your legs and began to grind on your womenhood.

When Namjoon broke the kiss you looked at him with shock but found yourself in your bra and panties in seconds, and a half naked Namjoon on top of you.

“ How’d you know that I love lace.” he smirked.

He lowered himself toward your neck, and as a reaction, you wrapped your arms around his neck, as she slipped his cold hands into your panties. A gasp left your throat once his fingers started playing with your clit. The feeling of his teeth dragged across you made you shiver. A laugh came from his mouth.

“ ahaha… you like that dont you?“ he said with a deep voice. All you did was nod. He got up and pulled you toward himself by your thighs. Namjoon pushed your legs far apart. He looked at you as he stuck two fingers in you, the way you threw your head back,
made him move inside you faster.

“ Do you like daddy’s fingers?” You cringed at him calling himself daddy

Just before you cummed, he took his fingers out and kissed your clit. The feeling out his lips agianst your soaking pussy made you go up on your forearms to watch him. He stared back at you as you bit your lip. You moved your leg onto of his shoulder and grinded your hips on his tounge.

“ Daddy..” you breathed out and moaned.

Namjoon’s head shot up and he threw you on your stomach. A zap of pain was left on your ass.

“ OW.. fuck you.” You gritted betwen your teeth.

“ You’ve been a bad girl and you need punishment.. ” “ Never * spank* Tease *spank* Me *spank* Agian *spank*” Each slap made you grit your teeth harder.

“ AH.. NAMJOON..” you screamed.

“ For your punishment, you cant moan unless I say so, you cant touch yourself unless I say so. Say your sorry to daddy.“ you nodded before you heard his boxers hit the ground.

On all fours, he rubbed his dick agianst you and bit your neck,
leaving a noticable bruise. He slammed into you and you let out a blood curlding scream. You never knew Namjoon was so big. His hand slapped your ass.

“ Sorry Daddy.” you tried to say.

Namjoon continued to fuck you hard, with no breaks. Your hair that laid on your back want grabbed and twisted twisted it into a handle then yanked back. He bent over and kissed your neck. He grunted and moaned into your ear.

“ NAMJOON. FUCK ME. Im gonna cum. AH OOO ” you screamed, not caring wether youd get spanked or not. You flipped over on your back just in time for your back to arch off the bed. Namjoon pulled out and came over your stomach.

Once he collasped next to you he simply asked “ Do you want to go out with me?” Just as simple as he asked you replied. “ Of course.”

I got it wrong the last time so here’s a new selfie in the correct date and ACTUALLY with something ns related. Sorry for posting twice tho! Let me tell you a story. You see that poster? That poster right there it’s at least 7 years old, it has survived three houses and my clumsy hands every time I had to take it off the wall or put it on so that’s something. I printed it out in a paper sheet before I fucking had a clue about materials, sourcing, or anything, and I don’t know who is the artist or what is the original drawing bc I also changed of computer 4 times FML (if anyone knows it pls message me) But its one of my ns things i love the most. I also have a ns wall of about the same age on a closet too, but it isn’t where i am rn.

I’m a lover of words and the smell of printed books old or new makes my eyes wide with wonder. My heart has a thirst for knowing what lies beneath those book covers, what story it will tell me. Books are just books but not for me. If you see my curling in bed crying my eyes out even though you know how happy I am with you, it’s most probably about a book. Books that bring me to tears are my favorite kind. It just proves that a bunch of paper folded together with words a flowing has the power to affect what I feel at that moment. So if ever that happens, just let me be. Hold me if you must but don’t question everything. I’m still grieving over the characters who I feel like they’re me. You see, when I read, I put myself in them. It’s like living a new life but just with the books guiding me. I get attach to characters fairly easily especially if they remind me of me or if the books has somehow moved me. If I cry, I’ll be okay maybe after an hour. So just hold me if you’re really worried. Understand that books are gonna be a part of me for awhile. Don’t laugh and say it’s stupid to cry over a book. Coz It’s not. I’m just a girl who allows herself to get swallowed by words. And that is okay.

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Hey, I think I read about your accident in the local paper. Just realized that was you.. I don't even know what to say. I'm really glad that there was someone there to help you. And I'm so happy to hear that you will be okay. Take care girl. Sending you my best wishes. If there is anything I can do for you let me know. I know we may have never talked before but feel free to send an ask or whatever my way if you feel like it, get bored or just want to be distracted. Take care.

OMG OMG OMG!!! You’re  like my tumblr crush! I followed you before and justnoticed I didn’t anymore. But a few weeks ago my tumblr deleted some blogs I followed. Orv a lot!

In the lokal paper? That means you live pretty close to me, since I dont think the news will be big enough to publsh it in other districts!

And OMG I loved reading your fics!

( + newfoundnicejewishboy )

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, officer, but I have no clue what you’re talking about.” Ariadne spoke, looking up from the morning paper that she just started to take interest in. “Perhaps you could try the shop next door.”

just letting you know guys, who saw my crazy text posts about deadlines and me possibly dying. Still feel like I’m dying but I finished the paper and it means…



magicallykiran replied to your post:[pm] You’re in law enforcement right?

[pm] How would you feel about standing up and firing a shotgun at me several times? As well as letting me know what paper work and safety precautions we’d need to fill out etc. to fire live guns in doors.

[pm] No, and um– definitely no. And there is no paperwork, you have to have a firearms right to carry license. So, again, no.

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Hey,your tumblr is so impressive!This is bella from bh,I appreciate your tumblr a lot,so I sent that message to ask whether do you have an interest to do a sponsorship on a b2c online store,if yes,pls kindly let me know your email to discuss more,thanks.

haha thanks bella from bh my email is gokusrealchild@gokunetwork.com, infact how about i give it to you now *my hands glow blue and i reach into my computer monitor and rip out my email from cyberspace* *it manifests as an envelope made of pure mail energy* *you touch it but you get overwhelmed and explode into various writing materials, including pens and paper* oops

More from General Nelson … I uploaded the writing of about half a page on YouTube youtu.be/b4vlyvYLfeM – sorry for the strange link, I’m new to this YouTube stuff. If anyone really watches this – it’s about 25 minutes long, real time and everything 😄 … well, let me know.

This is by the way how I position the paper in front of me when I write – with the slant vertical to me. As this is inspired by Mr. Madarasz script, I made guidelines with crazy oblique slant of 45 degrees! This is written at an x-height of 4 mm.
#calligraphy #caligrafía #kalligrafie #madarasz #script #handschrift #handwriting #loveletter #wedding #boda #hochzeit #noce #flourishforum #federflugcalligraphy

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Cryptologist AU

Ooooh? That sounds like a fun AU! Let’s see…

  • Dipper likes to doodle codes and code ideas in paper, but he’s messy as hell. Doesn’t help that he mostly does this while seriously self-deprived, which usually leads to him later finding random sheets in improbably places (cupboards, sink, bathtub, fridge, nailed to the ceiling that one memorable time) and going ‘holy shit’.
  • Mabel and Grunkle Stan like to tease him and joke about Dipper being ‘the white sheep of the family’ and ‘probably the only one who’s actually with the law’. Dipper grumbles and says he doesn’t appreciate the jokes (he does but he’s insulted to be pegged as the ‘goodie two shoes’. He can be bad! He sped up on a rural zone once! Mind you he was distracted by the cows, but still).
  • Dipper’s dad still brags about that short time Dipper worked as a computer programmer, because ‘following dad’s steps’ and whatnot. Mabel likes to whisper ‘nerdsssss’ while grinning at Dipper when that happens, much to his annoyance.
  • There’s this complete asshole of a menace hacker who likes to completely and very subtly destroy other cryptologists’ work until it’s all a mess and leave some ciphers of his own as a ‘present’. Since it’s hard to be 100% sure they guy hasn’t done anything more illegal than breaking into the fucking government (which isn’t to sneeze at, either!), he’s kind of really, really Wanted by the law. Dipper and him begin this cat-and-mouse dance of encrypting-decrypting each other’s ciphers, full of personal messages that are 3 parts creepy 1 part hilarious while trying to get the one-up over the other at the same time.
  • Also it really pisses Dipper off that the guy calls himself ‘Beale Cipher’ (’but since it’s you, you can call be just Bill ;)’) out of all things because that’s a really unimaginative and dumb name (nah he’s just secretly jealous the guy got himself such a cool name. Meanwhile he’s known as ‘the Pine Tree Guy’ in his job. AND THEN CIPHER GETS WIND OF IT SOMEHOW.)
  • Dipper might or might not leave a subtle ‘signature’ of his own in his work because he’s a nerd. A nerd who wants recognition, but a nerd nonetheless. (btw it looks like a Pine Tree.)
  • HIS HOUSE IS ALWAYS A MESS. A L W A Y S. Mabel will sneak in from time to time (to give her bro bro a surprise), and when Dipper’s not there she sometimes ends up cleaning the house (and leaving her very own glittery signature). Dipper always knows it’s her, what with the glitter-even-in-the-ceiling thing, but Mabel insists it’s all a faerie’s doing. A faerie who’s seriously done with his slob tendencies and jesus christ Dipper there was a pizza wHO TRIED TO BITE ME. A PIZZA. AND HALF OF YOUR USED UNDERWEAR WAS GLUED TO THE GROUND WHAT THE HELL.
  • She mostly kicks his ass into cleaning and taking a bit more care of himself. Also cleaning a house that resembles more a pigsty is apparently a great time to catch up with each other too.
  • Mabel sneaks in once and catches Dipper having a 4 hours long nap after working for three days straight. She then proceeds to draw him a pair of panda eyes and silly comments he later wears to his job. A girl tells him in the subway while he’s going back home (that doesn’t happen until two days later, though).

Today me and a friend hung around after a class, and another girl was talking about being worried about getting her final paper in on time. So our prof turns to us and says “these girls know what to if you think an important project is going to be late” and without even thinking we both tell her to just ask for an extension. And then the prof says “yeah if you need an extra week just let me know” and I turn to my friend and start uncontrollably wEEPING because I had to pull an all-nighter working on stuff for this class and this is going to be my busiest week of the semester and I had no idea how I was going to get this MAJOR PAPER in on time, and because I had forgotten how seriously lenient prof cool tits is with extensions I’m sitting on a table sobBING A LITTLE INTO MY FRIEND who STARTS TO CRY AS WELL and then we both sort of collect ourselves and turn back towards the other conversation and the professor is PULLING TISSUES OUT OF HER POCKET BECAUSE SHE HAD ALSO STARTED TO CRY.