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What is the main plot so far of season 10? I watch it but I haven't really been keeping up for a few weeks, and Im bout to watch all the episodes I missed at once... Aha. I'd appreciate if you could explain, thanks!

Alright, so SPOILERS, obviously. Let me give you a quick recap of the main parts of the season so far.

Dean wakes up.

He goes dark and sexy.

He has a relationship with Crowley. Then they split up and Crowley goes full on preteen-who-got-dumped for a few episodes.

Sam gets codependent on us again, and only gets worse throughout the season.

Cas and Sam cure Dean of being a demon, but he’s a Winchester, so he still thinks his situation is entirely hopeless.

Cue shit tons of filler episodes. Charlie comes back then leaves again, and we find out Rowena is Crowley’s mother.

Meanwhile, Cas is doing random shit because the writers are afraid to put him and Dean in the same room alone anymore helping Hannah with Heaven stuff, while Metatron is locked in Heaven jail. But then things get super awkward.

And Hannah peaces out.

Dean gets worse and worse, and supposedly kills Cain (though he likely didn’t, because we never actually /see/ him stab him).

Charlie comes back with the Book of the Damned saying there’s a spell in it which can cure Dean, and  which Dean makes Sam burn (he doesn’t, of course). Charlie then finally meets Cas and everyone exploded with happiness.

Metadick tricks Cas again, and makes off with the demon tablet, but not before Cas gets his grace back.

Sam continues to lie to Dean in attempts to try and save him, and has now promised Rowena he will kill Crowley if she reads the Book of the Damned and helps Dean. Because, you know, that’s going to end well.

Oh, and Chuck is back. Well, they showed him to us once and then promptly forgot him, but at least he’s back.


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I bet my life on you - steter :)


“No,” Stiles hisses, teeth bared, jerking out of his touch.  “I—Fuck, I trusted you.”

Peter’s sigh is heavy, his jaw tight.  “Stiles, if you would just let me explain—“

“Explain what?” Stiles shouts, arms up, brows drawn tight. “Explain how you got my best friend taken by another pack?  Explain how you lied?  I bet my life on you, Peter.  I bet my friends’ lives.”

Stiles turns, twists as if to walk out of the loft, as if to leave Peter behind.  Reaching out, Peter catches him by the wait.  He tugs him back against his chest, and Stiles elbows him. Squirms.

Teeth grit, Peter holds him until he calms—or maybe just until he tires.  Stiles grunts and spits out curses, claws at Peter’s arms with blunt nails until he finally goes still.

“Let me go,” Stiles breathes.

Peter sighs, arms sliding tighter around Stiles’ hips and over his chest.  His voice is low when he speaks.  “I had to lie, Stiles.  If you knew what was really going on, they would have figured it out.  Your friends would be more than just taken, and you… Something much worse could have happened to you.”

Stiles’ lips thin.  “Why does that matter?”

“Because,” Peter mutters, nose pressed just under Stiles’ ear, breathing.  “To me, you matter.”

Stiles’ jaw twitches tight. “You expect me to believe you?”

Peter sighs again.  “No.  But hopefully you will once we get them back.”

There is a moment.  A quiet one, where Stiles just lets Peter hold him.  Then Stiles shrugs from his touch.  Peter lets him.

“Get my friends back and maybe I will.”

Their eyes meet. Peter nods.

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Pro wrestling is goofy and weird and I will die for it.

With that out of the way, let me explain to you a thing that delights me in this match: Miyako Matsumoto has worked for Ice Ribbon - where she was the tag partner of Jun Kasai, who she declared as her favorite wrestler.

Why is that so great? Well, Jun Kasai is A: A Deathmatch wrestler, and B: ONE OF THE MOST FRIGHTENING HUMANS ALIVE, so this would be like if we found out bunnies and sharks are actually good pals and sharks just sometimes go on land to hang out with rabbits all the time when they aren’t eating people.

Also she was in a match versus Dump Matsumoto and Hiroyo Matsumoto (neither of whom are any relation to her or each other) in NEO Japan Ladies Pro Wrestling to determine who was the Number One Matsumoto.

Wrestling, I love you, please never change.

The Brain Of A Writer
  • Brain:You should probably just stop.
  • Me:But it's fun.
  • Brain:You're just doing it for attention and it's pathetic. If you want fun, just read.
  • Me:But reading something good just makes me want to write more.
  • Brain:You clearly just lack discipline. Ignore the urge.
  • Me:Maybe I could just write but never show anyone.
  • Brain:You'll fail, you have no backbone. Just don't.
  • Me:*Writes*
  • Brain:Ho don't do it.
  • Me:*Shares*
  • Brain:Okay, settle in. Let me explain something to you again...
Do you really think this is okay?

Let me explain to you why there should not be this much admiration and/ or lustful attraction for the Child Murderer of 87′ (or the Purple Man). Ahem…


That just what we know of. Have you any idea what on earth he did to those kids when he got them into that back room? Could you imagine what terror those children went through before he murdered them in cold blood? Don’t you realize that this might just might be the most nonredeemable character in the entire FNAF franchise?

I know that when most people think of the Purple Man, they think of Rebornica’s version of this monster. Rebornica’s version of the Purple Man, whom is referred to as Vincent. Even though he is constantly presented humorlessly in the content that Rebornica made before they left the fandom, he is still an unlikable character there. Rebornica represented him as a sick, twisted, immoral, child-killing, psychotic, sexually crazed freak who has no regard towards anybody, not even himself. He is hardly likable there either. And yet people continue shipping him with other characters and acting like he is a poor misunderstood baby. Meaning absolutely no exaggeration, that is messed up nine days from Sunday.  

Now I would like to point out just because the purple man is an unlikable character does not mean he is a bad character. Rebornica’s Purple Man is a good character who can be funny at times. The “cannon” Purple Man an interesting character that can be perceived as rather scary due to his intentions being primarily unknown. Just please know that the justification and/or disregarded of this man’s actions is not okay no matter how you look at it.   

A few months ago, a friend of mine who wished to remain anonymous wanted to share a few words with our community. Considering we’ve been going through a difficult time with fandom issues lately, I think it’s a good time to repost this. No comment needed, it speaks for itself.

“My submission for Carol/Caryl Appreciation week is to highlight Caroler/Carylers. The individuals behind the all the gifs, posts, fan fiction and art. I want to celebrate the greatest compilation and reflection of all that symbolically encompasses Carol/Caryl. ALL OF YOU OUT THERE.

Let me explain, first and foremost, I am a Caroler & fairly new to all of this fandom business. My personal journey here is based solely on pure objective observations as a wallflower of sorts. My exposure to the different venues of social media ie. Facebook, twitter, IG and Tumblr are currently more of an archeological exploration of discoveries. In other words, I have no frigging clue what I am navigating here; however I am learning, slowly, lol. Majority of my journey is positive, I follow a few on Tumblr, no I do not have any accounts, I read here and there. I make my rounds when I can, just relishing in this new world that allows for a peek not only into the insights on our favorite character(s), however I get a glimpse of the person behind the curtain, to a certain degree.

My point and some may disagree, however I wish to highlight all of the Carolers/Carylers as a means of gratitude for what you all have demonstrated for me, a “family”. Some of the words thrown out there this past week describing Carol like, “mother”, “Maternal” “Love” “caring” “Strength” “Courage” “protective” “strong” “Perseverance” “Friend” “Forgiving” “Supportive” “Transcendence”, are to name a few. I am highlighting that last word because it leads me into how I bear witness to how you all are dynamically, a “family” of sorts. Your interpretations of Carol/Caryl has transcended from virtuality into a reality; into personal lives whom although may not always get along, are always there for each other. This gift shared between all of you is so overwhelmingly powerful, because not only can an observer like myself lap up the energy, what is most prevalent and perceived, is your genuinenessfor each other. And, similar to family, there are times of struggle and perceptions are skewed.

However, just like Carol sacrificed so much, no matter how much she hurt or was hurt by others, and Daryl, although he was challenged by his own virtues of loyalty, devotion to family, at the end of the day, despite any impending implosion in their relationships, to others in the group and with each other, these moments of spiritual crisis always came full circle. Back to family. A bond stronger then the blood spilt, tears cried and hearts broken on the show. And, unfortunately, translated into RL as evidenced by some here whom experienced very personal affronts as a consequence to being a part of this fandom; your bond only strengthened. It did not falter. Just like Carol came back to the prison and as did Daryl, despite all odds, your vocation to each other withstands the test of time. Just like Carol/Caryl. To me, this is the essence of family. Sounds canon to me :D

Some will disagree with my post, fine, all is well. This is my contribution to Carol Appreciation week, I wish to turn the spotlight on all of you, Carolers/Carylers. Although I am reading your posts, enjoying your gifs, etc., it is all of your attributes, personalities, conversations, quips, in which I find comfort, solace, life, laughter, joy, shed some tears, and have literally said out loud and in astonishment at times, “WTF?”, keeps me engaged on your path. Hmmmm, quite reflective of Carol/Caryl, is it not? Carol/Caryl on and in the divine words of Sanjamac – I know the BEST is yet to come.”

*sniffles and wipes tears*

let me explain my love for black women.

you all are just so beautiful and gracious. inside and out i swear you are perfect. it starts with those naturally glowing eyes that speak to my soul. its the beautiful, plump, soft lips that protect that beautiful smile when those gorgeous white teeth aren’t showing. its your gorgeous hips that have the slightest curve that my hands can follow. beautiful long black legs and silky soft skin that was dipped in pure melanin gold. on the inside you all have the smartest and strongest of minds. you are willing to stand up and fight, no matter the cause, all that is important is you believe it. with a heart so large as to treat any and everyone like family, always so willing to help and take care of those in need. Black women are amazing and just so powerful. I love you all.

Dear confused part of fandom, who doesn’t know why Ragnar wanted to be baptized - let me explain it with an easy example.

Have you ever read The Lord of the Rings? I bet you have. Remember what Arwen did? Yes, good answer - she gave up her immortality and she didn’t sail to the Undying Lands like her people do. By doing this she needed to say goodbye for good to her father, her brothers, she was never able to see her kin again. Why did she do it? Because she loved Aragorn and would rather be parted forever with her family, than with him. She wanted to live and die like a mortal she gave her heart.

See, you have almost identical situation in Vikings, just a little bit less fantasy-like, but equally romantic. Athelnar is also a story of two people in love who are destined for different worlds, different afterlives. So Ragnar makes his choice - he gives up his chance for Valhalla and meeting again his ex-wife, brother, sons one day to gain the chance to meet the man he loved instead. He decides to share Athelstan’s destiny.

See? It’s simple. You’re welcome.

PS. As far as I’m concerned, Aragorn wasn’t Arwen’s dudebro.

Allow me to explain.

Let me just reiterate something right now. I understand you want a superior gaming blogger to be following your blog believe me I understand. But, the moment you spam hentai shit or fucking shit I don’t give a fuck on my home page its unfollowed as fuck.

I have my fucking reasons for shitting on Nintendo now because they are not doing what the true gamers want. We all want online co-op, voice chat, and a 3d Mario 64 remake/game. That  is what everyone wants. We also want all this hentai waifu shit removed from the surface of gaming.

Right now I need to be working on removing this celestial cum stain off my name because people keep mocking me with her on various other social media. If you could assist in helping one of the most sane Nintendo fans out there from being “shipped” with this slunt called Rosalina. I will be thankful and follow you. Also, those that have helped me get rid of her I will teach you how to be a great gamer, know what good taste in games is, and to not be a fetish fondling freak.

If we keep pushing back this hentai movement of fapanese culture on this side of the globe there is a possibility gaming will be good again. All, you can do is trust in me because I know all the good logic about games. Believe in me for I am gaming legend.

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Can you explain how to know if gifsets are reposted? I may be reblogging reposts without realizing..

If you’re familiar with the fandom, a lot of the time you may have seen the gifs before in other gifsets. But a few things you should check are:

  • Are the gifs different sizes and shapes, distorted and look like they don’t match? So are some 245px and some 500px, different heights etc? 
  • Do they have noticeably different colourings that can’t be from the same PSDs? (this can be harder to notice unless you edit yourself but a lot of the time it’s very obvious)
  • If a gifset has text.. is the font, colour and size of the text inconsistent
  • Are any of the gifs watermarked with someones url? (but take into consideration possible url changes)
  • If you check the source, are there no tags to indicate that it was made by the poster? So have they tagged it as anything similar to ‘mine’ or ‘my edit’ or some variation of? (though this may not be accurate as they could tag it this way anyway) 
  • Is the source weheartit?
  • Does it have the phrase ‘gifs not mine’ or ‘credit to the creator(s)’ or anything similar written on it? 

If the answer to any number of those is yes, then it’s likely a repost. I know it may seem silly but it only takes a second or so to check for those things and it means a lot to the original creator. It’s incredibly disheartening seeing something you’ve worked hard on being reposted. 

Following on from that, what you can do if you recognise a repost is:

  1. Do not like/reblog it, please! Even to tell people it’s a repost.. because a lot of people ignore that and will just reblog it from you anyway. 
  2. Inform the original creator, if you know who that is 
  3. Message the person and kindly ask them to remove it
  4. If that still hasn’t worked, you can report it by emailing support@tumblr.com (but only if you know the original source as you will need to provide a link to the original post and the repost)
AUs where your otp plays video games

I always streetpass you on the train in the morning and we’ve kinda been flirting through the custom greetings but now we bumped into each other face to face for the first time and oh no you’re cute AU

You are the first person I met who romanced who I did come talk to me about our precious husband/wife AU

We got put on the same team in this matchmaking lobby and you proceeded to save my virtual life several times and I feel like I should thank you somehow AU

I really want to use this mod you made but I know nothing about computers can you help me AU

Someone on the forums asked for help on a challenge map and you answered but that’s not the best way to do it so let me explain in detail why you are wrong AU

The latest game in my favourite series comes out tomorrow and my gaming rig just kicked it and you are the only repair shop willing to do a rush job I’ll do anything if you get it done on time AU

I used to have the high scores for this whole arcade but someone has been systematically knocking me down to second and now I’ve caught you in the act AU

This puzzle is impossible I give up here you try it random stranger but I warn you it’s hard and what do you mean you have solved it already AU

okay, as i was rereading a certain part of hs to find evidence for another post i was going to make, i came across this and i don’t feeling like the fandom really talks about this?? like it seems like nothing significant but let me explain.

you see this?? this has got to be the worst possible things a person could ever do. ever.

i’m going to be blunt with you. my dad died a little over two months ago. three days and two months ago from today. i was the same age as john when he lost his dad (age 14, unless john was still 13 at the time.) i say john and i lost our dads in the same way. we didn’t know where they were, being positive that they were alive, and we found him (or rather the police for me) dead. john and i reacted to our dads’ deaths in the same way. i cried and was upset when i first found out, but then continued on my merry way, trying to be as positive and strong about it as possible, having the occasional cry at two in the morning.

now, i’ve had a friend pull a prank on me like this before. granted, it was about my ex girlfriend and not my dad, but it was still horrible and i cried, mostly being angry about it, much like john. i felt numb the entire day and i could not stop shaking.

now when i was rereading this part, i started crying. and the worst part of it all? davesprite decided to pull this little prank on the two year anniversary of his dad’s death.

read that last part long and hard. davesprite knew it was on the anniversary and he probably knew how shitty he was being by doing that, but he still pulled the prank anyway.

now another thing that angers me about this was that jade just sort of tried to dismiss it? she got that is wasn’t a good joke, but when john got angry and went to go find davesprite to, for a lack of better words, kick his ass, jade just sort of acted annoyed?

i get that she could possibly still be a little ehh from her breakup with davesprite, but still.

i honestly forgot where i was going with this, but my main point is that davesprite is a HUGE douche. i love that feathery asshole but this is something really unforgivable.

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Why are you making fun of white people when you're white too?

I haven’t really been making fun of white people recently, especially not on tumblr so I am assuming this question is coming from somebody who hate-stalks/follows my twitter as it’s been at least a month since I have made fun of white people.

But to answer your question, I do not identify as white. I identify as Bosniak-Turkish/Turkic.

“But Arnesa…”

Yes, before you start let me explain this. Where I’m from and where I lived for the majority of my life race as a social construct does not exist. Ethnicity, however, does exists (as it’s actually real unlike race which was made up by Western White People). Ethnicity matters, ethnicity tells a lot about you…from your appearance to your culture.

So, when I came to America I didn’t really know much about race but I learned fairly quickly that to White Americans I was not “white”. Or the socially constructed version of what white is.

About 4 weeks into my move to America, I sat in class room where they discussed the Civil Rights movement. A classroom full of white American kids with the exception of me, the immigrant from Bosnia and one black American kid. The teacher turned to the class and said something along the lines of “none of us here know the struggle of being a colored person except for Arnesa and Wayne”

So within 4 weeks of being in America I was already otherized. Months and years passed and as they did the otherization continued…I was Middle Eastern, Arab, Muslim, Bosnian, foreign, immigrant, even confused for a latina on many occasions, but never white. In my now almost decade of living in America there has never been a white American that has called me white.

For a while, I protested this because I thought not being white meant I was black and I certainly was not black. Then I decided to embrace my otherization…so now I identify as Other and write in Bosniak-Turk on everything instead of white.

Now of course there are people who will on Twitter and Tumblr scream “but omg ur still privileged” and they’re right.

I have plenty of privileges.There’s little to no chance I will get killed by a cop because of the color of my skin. But there is definitely a chance I’ll be randomly selected at the airport. There’s little to no chance I’ll get a job declined based on the color of my skin but there is definitley a chance that just my name on a resume will be enough not to call me back.

So, I’m more privileged than Black Americans and other POC but far less privileged than White Americans and Western Europeans.

Because race is a social construct, whiteness is a social construct and whiteness has a hierarchy of who is an acceptable white person and who is not. Its like an exclusive little club. And just like with the Irish and the Italians and Greeks who came before us…because Bosnians are new immigrants, because many Bosnians have Muslim names, because many Bosnians are Muslims, because many Bosnians have tanner skin, because many Bosnians have very thick accents all of these things prevent them from being seen as white by white people.

There are also other things at play here when it comes to Bosnians…such as structural power. As we are a very tiny minority, Bosnian people do not have structural power. There’s also history at play…unlike Western white people, we did not colonize anyone but we instead were colonized by others (both eastern and western people), we did not enslave anyone but were enslaved ourselves, we did not occupy anyone but were instead occupied by others. All these things matter when discussing the structual power of whiteness and who fits the profile of a white person.

Of course, there are Bosnians that identify as white…and there are those that do not. Most of my friends do not but some do. The identification of white or not seems to stem from their own personal experience. Because of my olive skin, my accent, my darker hair I’m not percieved as white and therefore do not identify as such. My close friend however is blonde with blue eyes and is percieved as white so she identifies as such.

Anyway to answer your question of why I make fun of white people.

1. Because it’s easy to
2. Those white people aren’t my people
3. I don’t identify as white
4. Because I can even if I did identify as white