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Zain signing a solo deal was the ONLY way he could opt out of the contract with 1D unscathed. He was overworked and tired but to able to leave without going broke he had no choice but to sign with suck individually.

let me explain to you why it would’ve been more logical for zayn to stay with 1d

  1. instead of having 4 others to record with, he records alone
  2. instead of having 4 others to promo his album with, he’s alone
  3. instead of doing interviews with 4 others so that he doesn’t have to talk when he doesn’t feel comfortable, he’s interviewed alone
  4. instead of performing with 4 others who can provide the stage presence, he’ll be performing alone in front of however many fans for however many dates
  5. instead of having the attention directed on 1d as a whole, all of the attention will now be on him
  6. if he’s there, he’ll be at award shows alone
  7. instead of the pressure of meeting deadlines being on 5 people, it’s on him
  8. and because he’s still with simon/syco i can’t imagine that his schedule will be any less demanding than it was with 1d

all for ?? a little musical freedom when it comes to the types of songs he wants to record? a little break before people start demanding things again? i dont think it’s worth it for a second. it’s beyond being upset at him for going solo (as it’s seeming pretty nonnegotiable at this point), it’s concern that he’s not going to be able to handle the demands of going solo. a “normal” 22 year old doesn’t do all of this.

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Michael inviting Ray over one day but he forgot that he and Geoff had sex the night before so Geoff comes out stark naked while Michael's opening the door for Ray and Ray is completely taken by surprise

let’s be real here ray would just look between geoff and michael for a second in complete shock—noting the shared bedhead and lightly flushed cheeks, sore mouths and the mix of bite marks and hickeys along both of their necks and bodies (in geoff’s case, at least)—before he steps back out into the hallway, closes the door to michael’s apartment, takes out his phone, hits gavin’s number, and doesn’t even waste a second after gavin’s said hello before he says:


Meeting Raúl ❤️ Let me explain the face he’s making in that first picture…

Raúl - Oooh where did you get this picture?

Me - I printed it offline it’s from a photoshoot you did for a magazine.

Raúl - Yeah I’ve been seeing this around. Which magazine was it?

Me - Uh um…I don’t remember but it was a really good photoshoot.

Raúl - It really was!

Me - You looked great in it.

Raúl - Haha I do right?

Me - *awkward word vomit* I’m really glad you’re actually nice in person!!!

Then looked me in the eye and laughed in my fucking face. I pretty much died of joy.

Late night rant: Chris' fatal flaw

I don’t think I want Chris dates anymore.

He’s not annoyingly perfect. He has a fatal flaw.

(Dates spoilers)

I haven’t finished the newest Chris date, but I’m pretty close. And even if things turn out okay in the end (either now or in the next date), I don’t think he is the kind of person I want to my MC to date (or I want to date, for that matter).

Edit: I finished it. As expected, Megan is a bitch. Keegan is a bitch. And of course, Chris won’t let me explain. Huh.

You see, Chris might appear perfect. He’s nice, charming, popular and really spoils the MC. However, as Keegan said, he’s never struggled. He’s always been loved by those around him. He made it big pretty quick, because of his looks. And so, he doesn’t really take responsibility for anything, because he’s never had to.

Remember the hearing, when the MC needed a third person to vouch for them. It was obvious that Anders and Bianca would refuse, but Chris had claimed he would be the MC’s friend. Instead, he just shrugs and says something like “Sorry, we haven’t really worked together and that Priya woman seems really scary. We should really work together soon, okay?”. Since Lisa’s video was shot in his house (and in my MC’s case, he even appeared in the video), there could have been a way for him to say some nice words about the MC, something among the lines of creativity or professionalism. He could have at least appeared at the hearing, to show his support as a friend. Heck, if someone as secluded as Holly wanted to back up the MC, why would “their best friend” miss out on it? Chris was pretty much, “sorry, it’s out of my comfort zone”.

But while this could have been an isolated incident, the whole Megan deal made me change my mind about him. There were times when Megan was directly jabbing at the MC, the two pretty much bickering, and I was surprised to read that Chris was just standing there, doing nothing. 
Like, how oblivious can he be? How the fuck does he expect to become a good actor if he can’t read a situation this obvious? How can he not realize (or not care) how uncomfortable the MC is around Megan?
It’s not a matter of jealousy. It’s a matter of stepping up for your loved one, since Megan is not just flirting, she’s being downright mean. He never calls her on and he keeps on being best buddies with her, despite her not being a supporting friend and constantly trying to humiliate the MC. 
And he has no excuse to not know, either. In Thailand, the MC actually told him about Megan being two-faced around him, and he was all like “Oh, it doesn’t seem like her. Not cool. I love you”. All talk, nothing happened. The MC still has to stand up for themselves, as he does nothing. As he pushes back all kind of discussion because he doesn’t want to ruin the moment, because it bothers him. Like talking about Keegan, or his life in Italy.

What if the same thing happened with Chris’ ex-wife? Chris called her a “bitter soul”, unable to enjoy herself without complaining. But that’s just Chris’ side. What if she was sick of him being so oblivious to things going wrong? What if she wanted to say something serious, only to have him silence her because he didn’t want her to “ruin the moment”, ever? It would seem like a plausible reason for divorce: his ignorance took a toll on her, and he didn’t want to be around someone who was so “grumpy”. And think this very lack of responsibility (and communication) could lead to a break up with the MC as well. 

And it’s not like there is no one to compare him to. Think about Ethan. During his first date, he said that he would treat the MC right, and he really does. When Zoe flirts with him, he grabs the MC’s hand and overtly states that he’s on a date, stopping Zoe’s advances. Even if you can’t compare the awesome Zoe to Megan, the difference is quite clear. Ethan takes care of the MC, like he said he would. Chris doesn’t.
Also, there is Hunt. He doesn’t sugarcoat things, and it’s really hard to get something positive out of him. But he actually cares for the MC’s well-being and defends them when they need it most. He wants them to succeed, and he’s definitely involved in their evolution. He even comments on the nature of romantic fantasies during his second date, comparing reality to the “perfect” things we see onscreen (perfect, like the relationship with Chris).

Sure, there’s also the ridiculous thing that he’s just so perfect. Everyone admits that he’s perfect and flawless, but that makes him really boring. I didn’t really mind this, until I discovered the fact that he’s also not loyal to the MC. It’s just ridiculous. When Keegan asked the MC what Chris’ struggles were, they talked about the fact that people in his hometown call him “Chris Wizards”. It’s not exactly the worst struggle, since he saved his reputation the second time he did that play, and the townspeople were still quite fond of him. Also, the thing that made him the angriest was that he was bullied in middle school (like most of us were). This basically means that either his adult life went smoothly so far, or he isn’t the most honest person. The only time he was slightly concerned was when he knew he was invited to the Audreys because of the ratings, not because of his skills. And that could have been something, if he was the action star that struggled really hard with his more “serious reputation”, but we don’t get any of that either. So he’s just bland.

All in all, Chris is not only boring, he can’t be bothered to help the MC if it doesn’t involve some simple material favor. Honestly, in the two quests I had with Keegan, I got to know him better than I knew Chris. If I were to continue dating Chris, it would be simply out of completism.

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There’s nothing that would amuse me more than you showing up on my doorstep tomorrow morning. 

My wife all, “Uh, who is this?” 

And you just point at her. “YOU. I am here to explain why you are WRONG ABOUT SAILOR MOON.” Your attention turns to me. “I will get to you later. I made a powerpoint for you.” 

I just roll my eyes, as if you don’t tell me how I’m wrong about Sailor Moon every damn day of my life. 

You plop her down on the couch. You roll in a whiteboard, scribbling on it voraciously: Rei + Mako = NO.  “Okay, so, first of all, I think you’re enjoying all the wrong things about this show. Let me explain Rei Hino to you, who we will refer to from now on as ‘Our Lord and Savior.’” You begin to draw on the board. “Now, let’s talk about Rei’s work at the shrine in regards to her character. This is easy, should only take an hour.” 

She calls to me from the living room. “Babe? Help?”

I’m in the dining room slamming down shots. “SORRY HONEY I’M PREPPING FOR MY TURN.” 

“Pay attention! I have to explain to you how this small movement of her head in episode 43 explains why her and Mako would never work!” 

Recurrences in JA

Something I’ve been thinking about lately are how the Recurrences in the JA universe are treated/looked upon, etc. 

Like, we get it. Jupiter was the “reincarnation” of Seraphi Abrasax: the late matriarch of the Abrasax Industries, the head of the most powerful dynasty in the universe, etc etc etc. It’s in Jupiter’s DNA to be what Seraphi was. 

Except not really. 

Let me explain. 

Literally the only reason Jupiter got anything out of this “Recurrence” deal was because Seraphi decided to leave something in her will for her Recurrence. And since the object in question, Earth, was entitled to Balem before discovering Jupiter’s existence, that peeved him off and is what got her into this mess. Without Seraphi’s decision to screw her son over, Jupiter wouldn’t have received jack. 

So then, why was she referred to as “Your Highness” and stuff like that?? Literally all she got was one planet handed to her. That’s not much to be proud of as an Elite. Why is she as respected and prioritized as Seraphi when she is most certainly not Seraphi, nor as powerful as Seraphi was? What’s the deal??

Her DNA made her an Elite, but it was Seraphi’s choice that made her special. 

This entire thing could be debunked if someone just reminded me that Seraphi also left in her will the right for her Recurrence to become the Head of the Abrasax industries. But as far as my memory goes, all Seraphi left for her Recurrence was Earth. The rest was divided among her children. So even with Balem out of the way, there was still Titus and Kalique, who both owned far more than Jupiter. She’s not even a head of the Abrasax family, right? So then why is she getting treated like supreme royalty when she’s technically just another Elite that happened to look like Seraphi?

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let me explain you a thing: ptsd is a mental illness mainly possessed by war veterans, in this day and age at least. The only person you can offend with that /if at all/ is a war veteran. Is the person who "called you out" on it one? No, will a war veteran ever see that post? No. Should you worry about saying "flashback" ever in a joke? No, because in reality, no one cares enough to see offense in something as minor as that. God, I'm having warflashbacks to tumblr 2013

War isn’t the only traumatic experience that can cause PTSD, I was using an example.

Lara Croft Twin Pistols Debate

Okay Tomb Raider fans let’s discuss, so today I made a comment on how I want Lara’s twin pistols to return in Rise of the Tomb Raider or any future Tomb Raider game within the reboot storyline, and another TR fan calls me out saying “Why do you keep thinking classic Lara will return She’s not returning. It’s a new series.” So let me explain why I want the twin pistols to return. *Spoilers from Tomb Raider 2013 incoming* In the reboot I honestly didn’t mind if I did not see the pistols return, because in the classics the pistols never held meaning. Lara just always had them, we never knew why she liked having two pistols, and we never even knew where they came from. Now in the reboot Roth, Lara’s inspiration and father figure is seen using two pistols. When he dies later in the game he gives the pistols to Lara! The pistols even have screen time as he passes them to her. In that moment the dual pistols finally have sentimental value. They aren’t just a weapon anymore, and after 17 years the pistols finally have purpose. Then to use them in the finale part of the game to kill the villain was great script writing and also  P E R F E C T That is why I want the pistols to return, not because classic Lara had them, but because they were given to her by a man that helped her become who she’s meant to be. Also they do look pretty bad ass. ;)


Let me explain my feelings:

The ending was so good.Everyone is trolling Kaito to the limit. xD

Chikage-Sama my Thief Emperor ‘////’


Ok, people in the manspreading tag seem to think New York has devoted an entire ad campaign to it, so let me explain something to you:

It is literally one ad in a campaign of ads on subway etiquette

That’s it. Cis men are not being bombarded with ad after ad about hurting their precious balls in order to make space. There is no tax payer money being wasted on one fucking ad they waste it on shoddy service instead. I mean, for Christ’s sake, there’s one about break dancing. How serious do you really think us passengers are about this?

So, please, if you’re gonna get angry at feminists, how it be at something we actually had influence over?

I want to explain
I can explain
      I hold my hands up to you and they drip with blood
But I can explain
You come closer
            but I hold my hands out to keep you away
                                  far away, stay, please
                                  stay away from me

let me explain

and so my tongue   stumbles    and   stammmers
but i’m just telling the   same  old  story
        You’ve heard it a million times
          You’re not surprised

i explain away the blood but it’s still there
red and warm and bleeding and       surprise
                      it’s my blood
like all the times I come before You
bleeding broken scared to death

and You come closer
                              and I step back
                                You can’t come closer
              i am unclean

shaking bloody hands held out to warn You away
but still You draw ever nearer
always nearer

          don’t You know what unclean means?

it seems not to matter to You
                                     do You understand?                                                                                             do You know what                        this is like?                                                                                 do You know how it feels                      to die inside?
but i see Your hands
and they’re bleeding too
like mine
cut in all the ways mine are

           something breaks and I hold mine up
                  to You
    come closer
      heal me
            save me from all the things i do to myself

            i’m in the desert Father and it’s all my fault
if You love
    if You love like they say You do
                  please hear me

i can’t explain away the blood but maybe You can wipe away the blood
                          if I let You
    name some say is too sacred to be spoken
        and here I hold out this broken bleeding life of mine
            and that is the only name i can remember

          Your eyes are gentle toward me
            and Your touch does not hurt

          why do you tear yourself apart?
        don’t you know?
              don’t you know?’

and You have scars in all the places i have scars

                and so i breathe
                                                                          even though it hurts
        God of Love
                if indeed You are
                                                                                                                  please save me again

—  redemption

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I'm the anon who sent the question about racism against whites and I saw it has came back because someone else didn't get what you clearly explained. To this person, if it can help you, let me explain it to you in very simple words: a crime based on race is a really bad racial predjudice against a white person BUT it is not racism, because racism is not ONE isolated event of hate, it is how hate is against POC for no good reason. There is NO such hate against whites only for their race.