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Name: Natacha

Time & Date of Exact Moment: 1:01pm EST March 17, 2015

Average hours of sleep: I get around 5-7 hrs of sleep. Depending on the boys really.

Last Thing I Googled: The video on youtube -let me borrow that top

Nickname: MissBigBow, Nat, Tacha, N-Tach, Minnie, Tinker bell, Gem, Kitten, Wifie, Tea, cha-cha, and I’m sure more 

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 5’0”

Favorite Color: Purple and Red among others

One Place that Makes Me Happy: Paris, France/New York City

What are You Wearing: My eye bracelet to ward off negativity

Last Book You Read: The Secret Language of Astrology by Roy Gillett

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Big big thanks to my girl Miranda @m_p004!!! Rarely do I have people I call friends but that girl is top notch. She let me borrow her m580 wheels while my new forged wheels get built. Big thanks also to my boy Eric and Yuya all the guys at AG for all they do. @blissat9k @agwheels @yuya_agwheels @getyourwheels #agwheels #m580 #bronze #avussilver #tagmotorsports #socal #cali #rs #rs4 #widebody #rare #v8 #savethemanuals by jos4audi http://ift.tt/1Col4Vt