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Misha Collins Movies and Series Link Collection!

A collection of all the movies and series Misha has acted in that can be found online! (At least what I managed to find.) There are snippets containing only the scenes Misha is in, as well as links to full movies/episodes where available.



Snippets: Part 1: [Link] Part 2: [Link]
Full episode: [Link]

-The Grift:
Snippets: [Link]

Snippets: [Link]
Full episodes:
1x13: [Link]
1x14: [Link]
1x15: [Link]
1x16: [Link]
1x17: [Link]
1x22: [Link]
1X23: [Link]

Snippets: [Link]
Full episode: [Link]

-Without a trace:
Snippets: [Link]
Full episode: [Link]

-Close to home:
Full episode: [Link]

-Seven Days:
Snippets: Part 1: [Link] Part 2: [Link]
Full episode: [Link]

Snippets: [Link] and [Link]
Full episodes:
11x16: [Link]
12x11: [Link]

-The Crux: [Link]

-CSI: New York:
Snippets: [Link]
Full episode: [Link]

Snippets: [Link]
Full episode: [Link]

Snippets: [Link]
Full episode: [Link]

-Divine: The series:
Episode 1: [Link]
Episode 2: [Link]
Episode 3: [Link]
Episode 4: [Link]
Episode 5: [Link]
Episode 6: [Link]

-NYPD Blue:
Full episode: [Link]

Full Episode: [Link]

Full Episode: [Link]

-Reinventing the Wheelers:
Snippet: [Link]

-Girl Interrupted:
Snippet: [Link]


Stonehenge Apocalypse: [Link]

Over her dead body: (Snippet) [Link]

Moving Alan: [Link]

Finding Home: [Link]

Par 6: [Link]


MCU MEME — [2/9] nine quotes » unmade

"You know that I do."

obligatory ‘i got a guitar for my birthday selfie’ bc look at my expert stringing skills i can play like four chords and i can do the riff from sweet child of mine am i famous yet

everything in its right place, a sheldon cooper fanmix; {listen}

i. bible belt – dry the river {you say “my love, you take the cards that you’re dealt, coz there’s no guiding light arching a line to bethlehem”}
ii. vehicles & animals – athlete {there is nothing from the outside that can touch him coz he’s just learning how to be alone with one}
iii. timestretched – the divine comedy {there’s not enough hours in the day to say all that i want to say
iv. broken toy – keane {the people you love are hard to find so i think if i were in your shoes i would be kind}
v. finish line – snow patrol {i feel like i am watching everything from space and in a minute i’ll hear my name and i’ll wake}
vi. midnight at the lazarus pit – quiet company {i walked in straight lines, hands by my sides, but you were the top of the mountain that i couldn’t see from below}
vii. the scientist – coldplay {i was just guessing at numbers and figures, puzzling your puzzles apart; questions of science, science and progress do not speak as loud as my heart}
viii. everything in its right place – radiohead {everything, everything, everything, in its right place, in its right place, right place}

psst, hey

you know who’s great?

tara chambler

Oh dear