fresh-prince-of-holysht-spiders asked:

Do you have any headcannon ways of how mindfang and the summoner met????

okay, well, there’s a story I’ve been rolling around in my head where she first meets him when he’s very young and doesn’t know it’s him; she’s down on her luck, has given up pirating, and is a kind of local thief queen.  Eventually he grows up and becomes a cavalreaper and she’s like “what seriously.”  Then stuff happens.

Then there’s this other thing I’ve been kicking around (I think mtjester is the one who mentioned it) and it’s kind of the other way it could all go down, which is that Mindfang, as a Serket, decided she should be the one to bring about the Summoner’s rebellion via mind control or whatever else is necessary.  This is great because it parallels Vriska angling for the creation of Bec Noir.  So she seeks him out intentionally, probably as a young man, and it goes from there.

Of course there are like, a ton of other ways it could start.  He seeks her out for financial assistance in his rebellion, and she has to consider whether she just wants to support his ideals as a concept or really involve herself with a revolution.

Or at a party where he’s a cavalreaper security guard and she’s there to steal seadweller gold!

OR they get in a fight.  That’s always fun.  A down-and-dirty scruff somewhere far away from social norms where no one can be like “hey you can’t punch ceruleans!”

I love ancestor stories.  You have ALL THE POWER.

You must instead realise that your darkness is the doorway to healing. It does not have to define or limit you, but you cannot reject it. You cannot deny it. You cannot hide away a part of yourself that you are no longer proud of. It must instead be loved.
—  Connie Chapman
The shifts happens when you can stop automatically believing whatever your mind tells you. You instead acknowledge that there are fearful thoughts in your head, but they are not necessarily real or true. They are just thoughts. And they are just one side of the story.
—  Connie Chapman
omg no my brain just loves scenarios...

I got this image in my head of Beth losing her memory after the gunshot.

Anyway, after she’s reunited with the group, she doesn’t remember anyone except Maggie. Obviously some people are a little upset (Daryl and Carl) mainly, but they’re advised to let her remember everything on her own.

So Beth slowly gets to know everyone again, quickly picking up her friendships easily, but for some reason, Mr. Dixon seems to remain in the corner. He talks occasionally, gives little grunts and shrugs, but the man just seems lost when he’s around her. There’s this pain in his eyes, and Beth doesn’t know why, and no one can explain it to her.

But she’s determined to make him budge. Of course she doesn’t know that his silence is just a barrier he’s put up. He still spends every moment since her return waiting for the dream to end, waiting for himself to wake up and finding that she’s really gone. He doesn’t know how to handle this situation, because all he wants is to hold her, and go back to how they were, but Beth is still fragile and she’s still recovering.

But one day, while everyone is just hanging and relaxing for once inside ASZ, there’s a scream. Of course everyone jumps up, but they all quickly relax when they realise it’s just a few children playing away, looking very chastised as their parents grasp their wrists and scold them in hushed whispers.

Everyone turns back to sit down, but notice that Daryl isn’t holding his crossbow. In fact, he’s just armed with a knife, though his eyes are on the blonde in the corner. Beth is standing, the crossbow held firmly and easily in her grasp.

Beth realises, and blushes, apologising quickly as she hands it back.

"It was just instinct. I don’t know why though, I’ve never even used one of those," She giggles, her cheeks red. A frown crosses her features. "Or I could have."

It’s a fact that makes her feel awkward. After all, the dead are walking around. Her carrying a crossbow wouldn’t be so crazy. Her problem is that she can’t remember.

Daryl goes to shrug it off, but stops. What did that doc say? That they could try and jog her memory with baby steps. Too much might overload her, but what harm could this little tidbit do?

"You ‘ave used one." Daryl says quietly. Beth’s eyes sparkle.


"I taught ya."

"You did?" Beth grins,"Was I any good? I bet I was annoyin’. In sixth grade, we went on this field trip in school, and we got to do all kinds’a stuff. Archery was one of the things…" She goes on to explain how she wasn’t very good at it. Her arms had been too weak, and some of the other kids had teased her.

Maggie begins to giggle, remembering the end of the story, and Beth laughs too.

"On my first try, I pulled back the string, but… I didn’t realise that bows had a rebound thing." Her face goes red again, but she’s still smiling so brightly. "When I let go, my hand flew back and I punched myself in the face."

Beth’s laughter trails off, because now this quiet man is smiling at her. It’s the most beautiful thing she’s seen in a long while, and it makes her stomach flutter.

"What?" She asks, and the smile twitches, threatening to grow on his face.

"You tol’ me that story before," Daryl reveals. And she had. All those months ago, in the woods while they froze their asses off. He remembered being irritated, feeling like her story telling was just taking her attention off tracking, and effectively scaring away any possible food nearby.

But now….

Now he could listen to this story a hundred times, over and over again. Now he just never ever wanted her to stop talking.

Things would be okay as long she kept talking.