Obviously, the Mental Floss Video set has been my life for a while. (And how…) It’s turning out better than I could’ve imagined and one reason why it feels particularly special to me is the amount of Nerdfighter artwork I’ve been able to knit into both the curio and gallery walls. 

I’m going to post another appreciation compilation for all the little pieces made by the talented hands of the community (when I’ve been able to identify them, so if you see your work on the set and we aren’t currently in contact about it, message me!!!!), but there is one particular artist that I have been so lucky to work with: Brie Lee (blog: lesscommittedvangogh).

She’s so talented and has been extraordinarily generous in sharing her multi-medium gifts with us. As featured in last week’s debut video (now viewed almost 1.75 million times so far), her portraits are my favorites, but just look at her awesome poly clay pieces! 

Thank you so much, Brie! You are awesome.


So. As some of you may remember, back in June, I made a whiny post about how I wanted the Los Campesinos! summer shirt, but couldn’t afford it as I had yet to find a job.
Brie, being the amazing person she is, not only bought/sent me the shirt, but she also made me this amazing mixed cd (it’s literally perfect—Fall Out Boy and the Format are even represented) and this incredible teeny tiny painting of a bird in the style of the Hold On Now, Youngster era. There was also a lovely note and good deal of tea, both of which are not pictured
Basically, she is amazing and wonderful and talented and I’m beyond grateful and still trying to figure out some cool way to repay her.
But in the meantime, her awesomeness just needed to be shared.
thanks, again, Brie! you’re lovely!


lesscommittedvangogh replied to your post: Caitlin! How art thou? I have not spoken to you in ages and for that I apologize!

Mostly fantastic is good! And I’m doing very well, college is college and applications need to be done, but other than that life is pretty good. I think I’d like to send you a care package when I am not so busy with school. :)

oh my goodness you are literally the sweetest thing. might i enquire what the applications are for?

lesscommittedvangogh said:

Oh and 24 and 46 and 74? :)

twenty four - what do you want right this second?

a bagel, my poppa went out to get bagels but he has yet to come back and bagels are all i can think about. like i would move to new york or montreal just for the bagels.

forty six - did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?

last night, no. but pretty much every other night.

seventy four - What is your favorite book?

it changes constantly but ever since christmas it’s been IQ84 by hakuri murakami. it just addresses so many brilliant ideas and concepts and the characters really drew me in.