Ok, one last thing: 

I also think that skipping ahead in the timeline is just a dodge to make it seem like “having it all” really is possible. No matter how egalitarian Leslie and Ben were in their splitting of household duties, someone (or both of them) was gonna be sleep-deprived and MIA for the first year of those kids’ lives. This show’s solution to the problem of “having it all” is, unsurprisingly, for work to remain life’s focal point, and for children to just be passively absorbed within that framework. Keep the kids in the office. Skip over those rough few years where children are demanding of constant attention and sustenance, when nearly ever mother’s career goes into a backslide or stalls completely. Just pretend that isn’t the reality for nearly all women who have children while forging a career. I have seen some writing out there praising this show for presenting the idea that a woman really can “have it all”, but they’re doing it by brushing over the years where women lose it all — and that’s the first two years of a kids’ life. Most people cannot afford to merge their family and professional lives so completely. It’s fantastical, and if anything it only servers to further the myth that women should be striving and working for “it all” — when really it’s our fucked up, life-absorbing work culture that’s the impediment. 

  • Ben to Leslie:Hey babe, Daddy wants pie.
  • Leslie:Did you just say Daddy wants pie?
  • The Other One:Is there pie? I will have one.
  • Sonia:I want cake!
  • The Other One:There's no cake, we're having pie, Soso!
  • Glasses:I want pie!
  • The Other One:Me too!
  • Both:PIE PIE PIE!
  • Ben:I guess we have to get a pie.
  • Sonia:And a cake!
  • Leslie:We should stop talking around our kids.

nutriyumaddict asked:

Oh, I'd love to hear about any of your headcanons for when they were broken up...


Okay so this doesn’t really count as a headcanon, but I’ve been thinking about their reactions to the break up and how they dealt with it and what that means about them. With the exception of Mark, Leslie doesn’t really dwell on her break ups, as horrible as they were. That’s to say, it doesn’t really take her a long time to get over them. And unless the woman was really great, Ben never truly pined for an ex either, at least not in the way he pined for Leslie. 

So the fact they were both so heart broken after the break up says so much. They missed each other so much, and they were both clearly very lonely, even if they dealt with it in different ways. 

Okay here are some actual head canons: 

Leslie drunk dialed him one night but Ann took away the phone and hung up before he could answer. He didn’t call back and Ann deleted the sent call off her phone. 

Unlike Ben, who didn’t send his texts, Leslie did. And there are a lot of them, most of them not even about them. “I’m watching Stargate like you said to. I love Samantha Carter!”  That kind of thing.  He never responded, not even to tell her to stop. 

Leslie thought that they just needed to get through the campaign and then they would be free to be together. It never occurred to her that Ben wouldn’t want the same thing. 

And it wasn’t until she saw him with Shauna that she realized it. 

Ben went on a date. Not with Shauna, but with someone Chris set him up with. He even kissed her but it was all wrong and that’s as far as it went.  

He thought about quitting and leaving so many times, but Pawnee was already becoming home to him, and really he just didn’t want to leave her, even if he couldn’t actually be with her. 

He almost didn’t go to the park, but he got very curious. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Ben keeps dirty pictures of Leslie or both of them on his phone? In Filibuster when he went, "This is like a crazy sex fantasy for me" he took his phone out and took pictures of Leslie.

This is one of my very fave Ben headcanons actually! 

YES I DO.  I would really hate to think what his Gryzzll present box would look like, because yeah man, his phone is full of some dirty shit. It might be password protected to save him from the likes of Tom, but yeah. They exist.  He probably takes the picture, saves it on his comp and then to a flash drive and then deletes it off his phone, but he definitely takes them. and sometimes he doesn’t move them immediately, they stay on there for awhile…months maybe. There are probably one or two faves he won’t take off ever, as he is a disgusting pervert. 

They got him through D.C. And she’s so pretty. What is he supposed to do? Not take a picture of her? Absolutely not. 

But wait you say! What about scandals and all that?  Again, everything is password protected  and really everyone probably thinks Ben just has nerd stuff on his phone that they don’t think to look. If they did though, yes, the scandal would be huge.