Rewatching "Halloween Surprise"
  • leslie:well my boyfriend might not be moving back for awhile...
  • me:wait for it...
  • ben:*enters the room*
  • me:wait for it...
  • leslie:hey, i didn't know you were coming back here.
  • me:*happy pterodactyl noises*
  • ben:well
  • leslie:what are you doing?
  • me:it's happening it's happening it's happening
  • ben:*gets down on one knee*
  • me:*squeals*
  • leslie:what are you doing?
  • me:*falls on the floor*
  • ben:i'm thinking about my future
  • me:*cries forever*

It’s been a weird evening. David and I watched the episodes of Parks and Rec when Ben and Leslie get married because he hadn’t seen them. Then we watching Beginners, which neither of us had seen. And I had ugly sobbing in the middle and we had to take a break. It was the little dishes of pills. I wrote a comic about those once. 

What a beautiful heart breaking lovely movie. Everything hurts, but I am so damn grateful to be here in my messy living room, with my husband in the flannel pyjamas I gave him two Christmases ago with little skiers on them. And the cat is purring. And I love them so much. But jesus. fuck. Life hurts and I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I’m sad David never got to meet them.

And I came back here and that last post got more than 12k notes in a few hours. That makes me really happy because hopefully people are donating to help. The world hurts and yet it’s healing at the same time. IDK if that makes any sense, but my face hurts from crying and I have to go follow my husband around while he’s trying to brush his teeth.

anonymous asked:

I've always thought that Leslie's friends feelings for Ann were stronger than Ann's feelings but when I saw Ann's daughter being called Leslie and Leslie's daughter NOT being called Ann I thought I was wrong. What do you think?

i dont think they’re on different friendship levels tbh. i wouldnt say that leslie loved ann more or ann loved leslie more- i think they loved each other equally. they probably talked about the names and i feel like ann wouldve objected to having leslie’s daughter named after her. theres every chance that sonia’s middle name could’ve been ann or if ben & leslie had had a 4th kid, her name couldve been ann as well. 

at first, it did bother me a little bit that ann named her kid leslie, but leslie didnt name her kid ann. but then…i dont know… it just didnt bother me anymore. i think it just speaks to the character of leslie and the significance of ann/leslie and the effects that leslie had on ann’s life. leslie had such a positive influence on ann, you know, whether or not people could really see that, but i think ann wouldve been so moved by leslie’s friendship that she named her baby after her.

i’d also like to add that chris & ben probably had a say in their names. im not saying that ben wouldve objected to naming his kid ann bc he certainly knew what ann’s friendship meant to leslie. but chris’ life was also MAJORLY affected by leslie and her friendship.

anyway, this kinda got away from me. the point is that i don’t think we can compare leslie and ann’s love for each other based on what they named their kids.