lesleyarakphoto replied to your postTo any of my followers with any sort of interest in urban exploring

Not have to worry about getting kicked out by the cops would make it much more pleasant for me, personally.

This is how I feel mostly. I think I would have a meltdown if I had anything on my record or if I had to spend even one night in jail. 

On the flip side I wholly recognize that the absence of that particular risk puts a dent in the exploration for many explorers. But the reality is, I think, that true explorers are in it for much more than the satisfaction of evading authority. I feel that if you’re truly infatuated by abandoned buildings, the buildings themselves are all that matter. 

Again, on the other hand, sometimes it’s not about the evasion, but rather that trespassing signs alone are enough to keep most people- the general public and more- out, making for truly novel sites barely seen, and that in itself is the thrill.

So herein lies my inner conflict and my interest and what other people have to offer.