Poor Max is gonna be shipped with just about everyone before season 1 of Life is Strange ends and this is my contribution to the ever growing insanity. I also gave Victoria glasses cause I think she looks super cute with them.

Big thanks to the amazing talented Sunnjays for allowing me to base this on her “hella messy doodles of the lesbos”. Go give her a follow if you want to see more LiS related fanart and be sure to tell her that I sent you!

So I will post the same pic as my girl because damn yes we’re great together…no we’re perfect for each others!! Gosh I love you babe @_lez_be_friends_ #love #her #mine #forever #always #gf #girlfriend #wearegood #together #lgbtq #lesbo #gay #dyke #butch #andro #femme #distance #relationship #myheart #cuddling #wcw #womencrushwednesday


Ok I’ll only allow myself to be sian for 1 day ok!!! Didn’t do anything productive at all today but should be doing something nevermind give myself a break for 1 day but I feel guilty urgh!!!

Ok I shall throw away the negative feelings and move on!!! STRAIGHT As here I come!!! Just kidding I’m only like quite confident that I’ll work towards an A for math if I practise a lot. Others I don’t know I really need to work hard!!!

And 2 more weeks to idol’s drama she’s so pretty I can’t contain my excitement sobs why don’t I have like half her beauty:( I WOULD REALLY TURN LESBO FOR HER BUT TOO BAD THERE ISN’T ANYONE WHO’S AS PRETTY AS HER IRL OMG I’M CRAZY HELP ME Time really flies. In January I was like omg such a long time but wow it’s April now lol time to get serious seriously.

PW results shall go away I think I really don’t deserve an A la even ___ also didn’t expect an A from me wow thanks hahaha but I know my standards la so yea

Okay today...

I told my friend who my crush was and she was like “lemme see her” so I pulled her Instagram and showed her. My friend is going through her Instagram and she just goes “BRUH, I WOULD BE LESBO FOR HER. YOU HAVE IT BAD DONT YOU”



hahaha but only ijc didn’t get COD so I dk whether if it’s good hahahaha but oh well at least we got it!!! I don’t really think it was our best though that’s why I’m quite afraid we won’t be able to get it but yay!!! Last performance as a choir tomorrow let’s do this and show everyone how good we are!!!

Oh and today Ms Chong noticed my bun hehe. She asked me if I tied it myself and commented that my bun was quite nice hehehe thank you you made my day!!! Even though it looks the same as everyone else’s bun hahaha. And she’s really very patient la like I was having trouble with air bubble then she guide me step by step on how to remove it. So sweet hehehe she is so nice so pretty so sweet ok hahaha i shall stop being a lesbo. now I miss her lessons sigh pie :( can only see her during prac now sian why did I not do well for that 1 test haiz.