This is for all the girls that get told they are gross, or get stared at,discriminated against,told they are crazy,told they wouldn’t make it,told they aren’t going to make it,are a disgrace to the family,will never be pretty,aren’t sexy or normal!I have advice for all of you.. YOU DO YOU BOO BOO!A lot of people are scared to be themselves and honestly it’s sad.Normality is stagnant.Your goal should be to walk into a room and turn heads no matter where you go.It took me a long time to get accustomed to being judged and stared at and up until recently honestly it made me furious on multiple occasions.Now I welcome it with open arms.Live your life exactly how you never thought you would live it and do it proudly with no regrets.BE YOU!! @thedriveclothing @mr_drive12 #motivation#lifeworthliving#beast#lesbiansthatlift#monster#bringmetothehorizon#canyoufeelmyheart#thedriveclothing#legendinthemaking#faith#fitlesbians#fitness (at LA Fitness Rowlett,tx)