Katharine Cornell, 1920’s.

(Katharine Cornell was an American stage actress, writer, theater owner and producer. Cornell is regarded as one of the greatest American stage actresses of the 20th century. She married Guthrie McClintic on September 8, 1921. Nonetheless, it is generally acknowledged that Cornell was a lesbian, and Guthrie was gay, and their union was a lavender marriage. She was a member of the sewing circles in New York, and had relationships with Nancy Hamilton, Tallulah Bankhead, and Mercedes de Acosta, among others.)

Greta Garbo as Queen Christina, kissing lady-in-waiting, Ebba Sparre (played by Elizabeth Young). Queen Christina, 1933.

(Fictional account of the life of the Swedish queen. However, Christina’s affection for her lady in waiting Countess Ebba Sparre was historically accurate. Christina introduced Sparre to the English ambassador Whitelocke as her “bed-fellow”. After Christina left Sweden, she continued to write passionate love letters to Sparre, in which she told her that she would always love her.)

Lizabeth Scott, 1940’s.

(From Lips Together and Blow: “She was the queen of noir on screen, but her career was laid low by a seedy tabloid scandal right out of one of her movies….In September 1954, it [Confidential] published allegations that not only was Scott a lesbian, she was on the client list of an infamous LA madam and had had an affair with Parisian nightclub owner Frede - a friend and ex-lover of Marlene Dietrich, whose own pansexual proclivities were no secret.” (Read the full article by clicking the link above))