Esther Sarah Kim is invested in intrigue: layers of meaning distilled into a single, compelling image. Her visual stories revolve around characters woven into a tapestry of an imaginary yet tangible world. Her depictions convey lurking danger, real and imagined. And she’s inspired by fragments of scenes in her mind—a smear of gnashing teeth, scaly beasts and a miasma of soundless screams. When the story calls for it, those fragments come to life through the manipulation of color, layers upon layers of color sandpapered to bring out the subtle mood of the story with inked, line drawings silkscreened on top. She often finds herself immersed in storytelling, other times she’s more invested in the printing process and finding ways to incorporate “happy accidents”. 

Please join us for the opening of ghost town at Gallery Bar this Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 from 7 to 9pm.

Roland Brito's interest in painting comes from his desire to work with that that is tactile. His work places an emphasis on the physical presence of the material.  His emphasis is on the physical mark which creates a record of presence through gesture and movement.  As experiences become increasingly mediated through digital surroundings, the immediacy and physical presence of a painted image gains new meaning.

Come see more of his work at Gallery Bar this Wednesday, November 13th from 7-9pm.

Dont feed the Troll! Wie geht man mit üblen Kommentaren um?

Dont feed the Troll! Wie geht man mit üblen Kommentaren um?

Die Süddeutsche Zeitung hat auf ihren Internetseiten die Kommentarfunktion abgeschaltet. Nach offizieller Lesart will die Redaktion mit ihren Lesen auf eine neue Art und Weise diskutieren. Viele glauben, dass die Redaktion den Kommentar-Spam der Pöbler und Trolle satt hatte und deshalb so reagiert hat. Hier zunächst mal mein Video-Blogbeitrag dazu:


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Lisandra Gomez is interested in exploring small dimensions that are unintentionally created with repetitive shapes. What happens when the mind is put on auto pilot? What nuances and errors will occur, what shape or form will this image take? The artist has discovered that by treating a drawing as organic and freely as so, the end result resembles microscopic organisms and sea life.  The artist appreciates art work that requires time and patience to create a surface that requires its viewer to focus in on each small element of the piece.  The objective when viewing this art is to be transported to a peaceful place where nothing matters except the connection that is being created between the viewer and the art.

Please join us for the opening of ghost town at Gallery Bar this Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 from 7 to 9pm.