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Want to see what a regular day in the life of a ‪Les Roches‬ student looks like? Watch this video and follow Vanessa and Denis!


This summer I went to Disneyland California with two American friends from Les Roches! We had so much fun and this video is some shots from the best day of my life (for realzZz)

picked out classes for Les Roches for the Spring 2013 semester abroad. can’t fucking wait!!! I will graduate with two diplomas instead of one, making me an asset to companies who are going to hire me in the future!

i hope i like the people there and make new friends!

now i just need to find like 3 jobs this summer to help pay for this outrageously expensive school.

Has anyone been there before?


Marcin Maliczowski, student at Les Roches Marbella Spain - International School of Hotel Management shares with us his passion for culinary arts. What’s your passion?

Sunday, April 19th 2015, 5:20pm
L’assemblée quitte la salle et s’apprête à investir le bar pour déguster une tranche de brioche avec un verre de rosé. L’après-midi mémoire consacré à la guerre de 14-18 n’a pas motivé les jeunes. C’est dommage car tous ces récits affectant les familles du coin étaient surprenants, forts, humbles et émouvants.