Trans Enjolras Week! July 12-18

Hello Les Mis fandom! I am very proud and excited to announce the first annual Trans Enjolras Week!

More and more people are headcanoning Enjolras as trans, and I think that’s AWESOME! Therefore, I thought we should have a week in the fandom dedicated to it!

Trans Enjolras Week will be July 12-18. (That week also includes Bastille day, July 14th… some fun French history there!)

Use this week to post your headcanons, fic, art, cosplay (PLEASE) relating to Enjolras being trans. (Please post it at all other times too, but especially this week). Use the tag ‘trans enjolras week’ so everyone else can find your work. It will all be reblogged onto this blog for archival purposes. 

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot an ask to this blog, or my personal aspiringenjolras.

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See you all soon!


Hold my hand as I’m lowered.

He had been born a daughter with the name of Marie-Claudette, and he had never understood his parents’ insistence on this fact. He had known as long as it was possible to know oneself that he was not a daughter, but a son, and had never shied away from taking action to let them know this.

How many times can an only daughter be caught tearing up expensive petticoats and wrapping them tightly across her chest before her parents show concern?

Apparently, thrice. The first time, his mother had been horrified upon the discovery, stuffing his ruined petticoat into the fire so his father would not find out and swearing him to secrecy. The second time, the maid had caught him and informed his mother, and once again, she had expressed her dismay. She’d sent him to confession for the sin of denying the body that god had given him, and he had gone and paid lip-service, all the while planning how to go about it again without being caught. A strategist, even then.
The third time, when he was seventeen, it was his father who stumbled upon him in the act of binding his chest, pulling the ripped fabric so tightly across his breast that it brought tears to his eyes. He had not been half as forgiving as his mother had.

Figured I should promote my fic properly. Canon-era trans boy Enjolras. 


Brick-ish Looking Mariuses.

“Marius was now a handsome young man of medium height, with thick, jet black hair, a high intelligent forehead, passionate flaring nostrils, a candid and calm look, and with something hard to define that was at once arrogant, thoughtful, and innocent shining from every pore. His profile, whose every line was rounded without ceasing to be strong, had that Germanic softness that made its way into French physiognomy via Alsace and Lorraine and that complete absence of angles that made the Sicambri so recognizable among the Romans and that distinguishes the leonine race from the aquiline. He was at the stage in life when the minds of thinking men are made up of almost equal proportions of depth and naïtevé. Given a serious situation, he had all is took to be stupid; in turn of the screw more, and he could be sublime. His manners were reserved, frigid, polite, not particularly open. As his mouth was alluring, his lips the most rosy red and his teeth the whitest in the world, his smile made up for what was severe in his whole physiognomy. At certain moments, the contrast between his chaste forehead and that sensual smile was quite strange. His eyes were small, his gaze grand.”

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honestly, if modern au Feuilly had an Etsy shop, I feel like a better analogy to the canon era ladies’ fans wouldn’t be for him to sell decorative fans, but rather make like really lovely hand-painted/sewn cell phone cases and covers.

(while feuilly himself has an old flip phone and doesn’t bother with cases, eh)

So there was this “What Les Mis Character Are You?” quiz that I was taking, and I got to one question.

It asked “what do you read”. Well, it listed some pretty normal stuff like “mystery”, “spiritual”, “medical thriller”, “non-fiction”, “adventure”, etc. then I saw the last one. Just,

Inflammatory pamphlets.

Oh Enjolras. We all know that was your answer.

Marius/Cosette Age Gap Debunked using the Book.

Part III (Marius), Book V (The Virtues of Adversary), Chapter III (Marius Grown Up)

 “Marius was now twenty years old. It was three years since he had left his grandfather.”

 This means Marius was around 17 years old when he left his grandfathers home. 

Part III (Marius), Book VI (The Conjunction of Two Stars), Chapter I (The Nickname as a Way of Forming Family Names)

 “For more than a year, Marius has noticed in a deserted walk of Luxembourg gardens, the walk that runs along side the parapet of the plant nursery, a man and a very young girl, almost always seated side by side on the same bench as the most solitary end of the path on the Rue de l’Ouest side.-”

 “When the young girl who accompanied him first came and sat with him on the bench that they seemed to have adopted, she was just a bit of a girl, about thirteen or fourteen years old, thin to the point of being almost ugly, gauche, mousy, that promising to have rather beautiful eyes one day.-”

 This means Marius would have been 20/21 and Cosette would have been 13/14 when he first saw her. Giving them around an 8 year age gap.

 However! They did not fall in love at that moment!
Part III (Marius), Book VI (The Conjunction of Two Stars), Chapter I (The Nickname as a Way of Forming Family Names)

 “So Marius saw them practically everyday, at the same time, for the first year. He found the man to his liking, but the girl rather dismal.”

Dismal literally means depressing; dreary. Cosette was not to Marius’ liking for a year and a half.

Part III (Marius), Book VI (The Conjunction of Two Stars), Chapter II (Lux Facta Est)

 “The second year, at the exact point in the story the reader has reached, at happened that the little Luxembourg habit was broken, without Marius himself really knowing why, and it was nearly six months before he set a foot in his walk again.”

 “Only, when he came closer, though it was definitely the same man, it seemed to him that it was not the same girl. The person he now saw was a tall and beautiful creature with the full array of womanly charms at the precise moment when these are still combined with all the utterly artless graces of the child; fleeting and pure moment that these words alone can translate: fifteen years old.-”

 It was still a long while until the affair in the Rue Plumet garden. But let this debunk the posts going around saying Marius and Cosette were relatively close in age. 8 years was totally social executable in the French culture in the 1800′s, there were even bigger age gaps recorded in history. It wasn’t only France though many other nations did the exact same thing. It is only now in Modern Day Western culture that we think this is “creepy”, or “wrong”. Also keep in mind that Marius and Cosette adored and loved each other. Why should an age gap of two adults (Cosette was around 18/19 when they married) stop them from getting married?