give me cosette and enjolras as siblings

give me 

  • super close twins who share everything: clothes, a room, friends, food, etc 
  • enjolras crying at his sister’s wedding 
  • family game nights where valjean and his two kids play monopoly and enjolras complains the whole time 
  • cosette washing the dishes and enjolras drying them 
  • awkward twin hugs 
  • weird twin mind-reading 
  • enjolras and cosette switching lives for a day to mess with their teachers and friends 
  • enjolras coming to his sister when he gets overwhelmed 
  • cosette coming to her brother when she needs reassurance 
  • twin cuddles 

hobohodo70 asked:


Mwhaha … mwhahaHAHAHAAA OKAY

  • Enjolras - looks generally very unaffected by what he sees, wears a very indifferent, almost bored expression, and sighs a lot when the rest of his friends scream. But when it’s time to go home, he strangely can’t find his apartment keys anymore, or suddenly has a pipe break that forces him to stay at Combeferre’s place for at least three nights.
  • Combeferre -  LOVES horror movies, and ALWAYS picks them when it’s his turn to choose a film for the weekly movie night. From the first to the last second of the movie he sits right in front of the TV, mesmerized, and comments everything with little “oh”s and “ah”s. He also keeps trying to guess the plot twists. He usually fails.
  • Courfeyrac - This dork squeaks the entire time. He jumps and jolts and startles and screams and hides his face behind his hands, only to then peek at the screen anyways. To be honest, it is mostly an excuse to cuddle into Jehan and hide in their arms.
  • Jehan - They always try to guess who is the first one to die, and is with Combeferre and Joly probably the only one who really enjoys the night. They’re also the one who pity the ghosts and murderers and keep saying “They just need a hug”.
  • Bahorel - She is the asshole who probably goes BOO when the tension gets real thick, or hides behind door only to jump out when you walk past. Avoid.
  • Feuilly - usually spends the entire movie “accidentally” cooking (hiding). It has happened more than once that he cleaned Ferre’s entire kitchen and only came back when the closing credits started. What he said? “Oh, damn. Did I miss the entire thing again?”
  • Joly -  giggles the entire time and always comments on how fake the blood looks like. He’s the kind of person to eat a steak while they’re watching Hannibal.
  • Bossuet - stress-eats all the sweets but doesn’t blink a single time. On his way home he usually sings the soundtrack which causes all the people around him and himself to freak out so that they end up running the last part of the way.
  • Grantaire - is scared shitless but keeps making snarky comments to hide it. “Oh, wow, I’m SO surprised that he chain-sawed her. Très scary. Beaucoup surprise. Le wow.” Also, when it gets really scary, and he really can’t look at the screen anymore, he just watches his friends with a little, happy smirk on his lips.

les amis + co. nationality headcanons:

  • dominican grantaire (obviously) (also half dominican-half puerto rican, italian, or brazilian grantaire)
  • cuban bahorel
  • barbadian jehan (also sri lankan jehan)
  • brazilian courf
  • korean cosette (also egyptian, bengali, or brazilian cosette)
  • moroccan bossuet
  • half french, half filipino enjolras
  • iranian marius (also argentinian marius)
  • egyptian feuilly (also armenian feuilly)
  • haitian combeferre
  • jamaican eponine and gavroche
  • japanese joly (also filipino joly)
  • mexican musichetta

on their five year anniversary of being together, ferre surprises courf by revealing a teeny tiny tattoo of courf’s initials on the inside of his wrist, right over his veins because courf is connected to his heart

on their first wedding anniversary, ferre reveals a tattoo on his chest, right over his heart - a line of courf’s vows, in courf’s crooked handwriting. it reads: “i’m gonna love you forever

Fic Rec: exR

You Are the Moon

Words: 62,129
Rating: Explicit
It’s been six months since Grantaire left the Musain and her crew – and her captain – behind him, but the quieter life he’d hoped to make for himself is thrown into turmoil when a convict and his daughter crash down into the middle his little outer-system settlement.

Maybe In Another Universe I Deserve You

Words: 13,587
Rating: Mature
Enjolras will never stop finding causes to die for, and Grantaire will never stop dying for Enjolras.
note: sad, sad sad sad

It’s not like I’m falling in love

Words: 7791
Rating: Teen+
Four times Enjolras and Grantaire are completely oblivious that they’re on a date.
And one time they are not.

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