When Enjolras first came out as transmale, one of the things Cosette did to support him was to start dressing, doing her makeup and wearing her hair in order to look /extremely/ feminine.
This way, at school or out in public, her brother was ten times more likely to get gendered correctly - because by contrast, in his jeans and hoodies, Enj looked infinitely more masculine.

The thing that really gets me about the les mis fandom (and I don’t mean all of it, because there definitely are exceptions)  is that Grantaire is depressed, and Joly has hypochondria. Nobody ever puts them down for their mental illnesses. They still deserve love. They are loved. And that’s great. That’s how it should be. 

But then these people that write about just how much these two fictional characters deserve love, when they come across real people who go through some of the same things need love, they turn the other cheek. They drop them. Or they give them a pat on the back and tell them it’ll get better and their work is done. Or they offer to be there to vent to, and listen, but as soon as they’re taken up on the offer, they up and leave.

If Grantaire is depressed, and you think he deserves unconditional love, and you want him to be cared about, and reminded time and time again that he’s worth something, give that to real people who relate to Grantaire.

If Joly has hypochondria, and quite possibly OCD, and you think he deserves love, and you can agree that even two people can love him so wholeheartedly, and that he can have someone to help him through the process and how difficult it is, and that people shouldn’t give up on him when he relapses… treat real people the same way.

They set these standards for fictional characters, but don’t want to meet those standards for real people. C’mon, people. You know how to take care of these real people with these real issues. You write about it. You talk about it. Now do it

My man crush may have me at friend zone level Eponine...

But I think I’m doing better at giving him hints. 

And the thing is, movie musicals and pro-shot show on DVD are bringing us together. 

We had a sort of date to see the Into the Woods movie.

Then we snuggled in his bed watching the Love Never Dies DVD

And then we texted back and forth while both watching The Last 5 Years movie. (Cause we go to school in two different states).

At this rate, who knows? Maybe by the time Barbara Striesand’s Gypsy remake comes out we’ll have actually held hands or something.

ferretrade asked:

soulmate first words tattoo au where ferre has "fuck soulmates, we should just like. get married" on his chest (to the amusement of everyone who's ever seen it) because when they meet courf is a) kind-of totally drunk b) too drunk to realize the cute, nerdy, and eloquent thing ferre just said to him that made him drunk-propose is the sentence tattooed around his wrist. when ferre eventually proposes to him for real, he quotes that back at courf.

THIS IS SO GOOD. I have nothing to add, bless you.

WIP: The Subtle Grace of Gravity, Chapter 12

Title: The Subtle Grace of Gravity

Pairing: Enjolras/Grantaire

Rating: Explicit (eventually)


"That’s not me." Grantaire’s voice wavers and threatens to break. His face is a blotchy red, like he’s been crying, though his cheeks are dry. His eyes shine with it, though, unshed. "Or— I’m not him. I don’t know that man. It’s not me." He twists, looking toward the abandoned datascreen. His voice drops, turns raw. "All this video of me, and I don’t remember any of it." His breathing frays and turns ragged. "I look happy, and I don’t remember it. Why would I let them take that from me?"