This year i’m feeling kinda navy :) Starting my university life with a new school purse! I love collecting longchamp purses :)

Don’t you just love my pink leather heart keychain by Schuhmacher ? I thought it’d add the perfect girly touch! Got the heart from my mom as a little good luck charm for University! Thanks mommy! I love you!

 (Taken with Instagram)


I can’t get enough of these bags from Longchamp.The last trip I made to Paris and London, I came back with 2 of these bags. Bought a large bag for travelling purposes and a small one for casual use. I must say it has been very useful and convenient. It gives off this elegance vibe even if it looked rather simple. As you can see, they are constantly coming up with new designs and some of them are limited edition. Some people may like designs on their bags but others may prefer the simple, one-colour bag. They usually range from 48 pounds to about 200 pounds, depending on sizes. 

Just a tip for you: Paris sells it cheaper than London. hehe. Thinking about it, I should have bought both from PARIS! When I say “cheaper”, it’s only 6 pounds cheaper. 

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