Hello friends! This is a measured sample of the pictures I took during Leostuck, the NYCstuck meetup I went to last Saturday (Aug. 10th). It was my first one that I ever went to. I mean, besides that time I snuck into the NYCC-2012 meetup that one time, but that’s another story.

It was super rad and silly, everyone was super fashionable, and I made several friends. I even stole some candy from one of their houses.  

I would’ve posted these pictures much earlier, but there was a bit of a mixup involving tumblr urls and notebooks lost and found and such. But now I can post them accurately.  I should list the tumblr urls of the people I really got along with as well, since they’re all on up in these pics, being all androgynous and cosplay-pretty-rad. Sorry if I don’t name you, I’m just listing those whom I have legit tumblr urls from:

1. kingofthebookcase: that’s me! I’m the brunette Jake with the Nerf gun and the silly Charlie’s Angels pose. I’m no stranger to haphazard, cobbled together cosplay’s so I was a bit proud over the fact that I could be recognized without the Jake English skull shirt (I wore my “Doom on a Unicorn” shirt instead).

2. vanatomy , krispleana, and heavensheadquarters : vana is the Karkat cosplayer with the grey facepaint, yelling at the sky (my fault actually, don’t ask), krispleana is the Jake cosplayer with the actual gun-looking-guns and the wavy hair, and heavensheadquarters is wearing the Aradia t-shirt, and is carrying krispleanea in the most romance-book matter. They’re the first peeps I had the courage to talk to, and subsequently my first friends at the thing. Rad friendships, ey?

2.  wwhatevver-ampora : she’s the Eridan cosplayer posing all highbloody and rad. Due to a strange turn of events, I ended up stealing candy from her house. From my perspective, she’s a rad professional cosplayer with hella endurance, since she was able to wear both a scarf, a cape, and a sweater in hardcore NYC heat. Spontaneous friendships, ey?

3. crypticrose & themagnificentmoldy : The 2 Sollux’s at the event. Both are super rad people that I distinctly remember singing silly songs with. Only one of them posed with the mailbox penis, try to guess who.

4. thedarkcarnivalhascookies : She was the no-facepaint Equius cosplayer. Her radness lay in the fact that she somehow found the most perfect pinstripe leggings to go with her cosplay. Such skill is hella rad and friendship making.

And 5. the-special-child : This dude organized the whole deal, and therefore is now a noted figure in the KotB friendship handbook. He is rad and was very tall.

And those were the people who I remembered to ask what their tumblrs were. Sorry if I didn’t put down your name! It’s mostly an accident/general timing thingy. Whups.

The "It's been so Long" update

Name: Toast
Rejected name: DEMENTED HERMIT
First command: Toast: Groan like a zombie and stick your tounge in the fan.
Chumhandle: metaPhase
Typing style: Generally good syntax, questionable grammar, often pauses… for effect, s-stutters when n-nervous, multi punctuation for emphasis!!! Occasional spelling mistakes.
Color: #2a72ca (skyblue)
Cruxite artifact: Cruxite fish bowl, to symbolize taking responsibility
Birthday: October 28th
Interests: Video Games, Apocalypse Movies, Mythology, Obscure Fashion
Guardian: Sis
Sylladex: Summon Modus
Strife Specibus: TomeKind, BladeKind
Alchemized weapons: Grimoire for the Summoning of the Mytholigically Ominous, In and Out of Falchion
Dreamer: Derse
Hero: Sylph of Heart
Planet: Land of Clouds and Reflection
Consorts: Lilac Dwarf Sirens (two legged salamanders)
Denizen: ???
Exile: Little Dersite/ Lost Delinquent
Associated Element: Water
Associated Item: Salt
Prototype: Owl plush/ Twilight Sparkle figure


Trickster: Wintermint
Music: (add links please)
1 Life as a Flower by Vincent Diamante (Link)
2 Desiderium by Yuki Kajiura (Link)
3 Spectrum ([JAW] Orchestral Edit) (Link)
4 The Gardens by Matt Clark and Kenneth Young (Link)

Wow I haven’t uploaded art here for a long time ; 7 ;

Anyway! I changed my class thing for Leostuck!! Which is.. pretty… dead.. but I still love it u v u Anyway, changed from Spy of Time to ROGUE****** of Time! I liked Feast’s design for it, and I’ve preferred canon classes to made up ones ; v ; So tadahhhh~ change! 

My new title thing is Witch of Void.

I figured it’d be good since I’ve been brainstorming stuff for leostuck and I want my references since I’ll have a tablet again. \ 0 /

Land of Sweets and Mirrors- LOSAM

Your land is soft in color and tone but is filled to the brim with many consorts that make your land fun to be in! While the land itself may be soft and calm, the consort areas will be lively, allowing you to enter into the craziness of your land when you are ready, filled with the interesting consorts with interesting culture and traditions.

Your quest is to bring life and energy back to a wasted and broken land! This doesn’t mean your land has to be dark and empty! There just has to be something missing that you will have to bring back.


Headcanon May volunteers to be Toasty’s server player just so she can mess shit up. But then eventually feels bad about it and ends up going back in time to unmess shit up so it’s like shit never happened so Toast <3 May (unrequited) forever???????


Here’s what I decided on!

Title: Spy of Time (A fail spy because headcanon self probably knows shit about time traveling and will appear in the wrong spots, thus not being a very good spy. :T)

chumHandle: arcanePrestige (feel free to add me on Pesterchum!!)

Land: of Rust and Magma

Consorts: ?????????

Dream Self: Dersite

Strife Specibi: Pistolkind

Color: Rusty Reddish-brown (R: 183, G: 44, B: 22)

Typing Style/Quirks: Good grammar, usually all lowercase (except for I) occasional capitalizing of beginning of sentences, mostly proper use of punctuation (except ending punctuation), occasional ending periods, “encases all sentences in quotation marks”, ALL CAPS WHEN EXCITED/RAGING, tends to emphasizeeeeeee via lots of letterssssss, varying amounts of ending punctuation marks, line breaks for even





idk if you’ve guys have seen/used this but it’s pretty cool!

Currently refreshing until I get something I like haha!

So that means I may or may not be Knight of Blood anymore! Although I am still debating because it’s a badass title, but it’s also KK’s :/