TROI: Did you know I’m a Betazoid? I’m empathic, which means I know when people are lying. Tell me, what’s the longest you’ve ever been incarcerated?ย 
LEOSA: You can’t send me to prison, Counsellor. I didn’t do anything wrong.ย 
TROI: Maybe not, but I can order you held for psychiatric observation. Extended observation.ย 
LEOSA: I may not be a Betazoid but I work a Dabo table, and I know when somebody’s bluffing.ย 
TROI: Try me.

So I’ve been trying to think of some theories and all I could think of was that, okay, you know in series 2, when Verrochio (is it double r or not?) sells Leo’s painting of Lisa, he got so upset because it was so precious to him. It was a reminder of the precious nights they’d spent together, him painting her in the romantic, candle lit setting. to think this episode is after ep 3, which, according to me, is when Leo realised he loved Lisa, further proving his affections for her. What do you guys think? -Karen.

@_leosa sporting the Alpha Pro Rucksack by @langly. (at ๐ŸŽต”Violet Hill” by Coldplay)