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Picture a world without the Penny…!? If this idea lacks any sense (cents) of importance to you, if its worth isn’t of any value then allow its removal to take place…

With that said, It’s understandable that its value is of a small denomination…

But it’s importance of it being a symbol of a humble beginning, a starting approach to a higher value…

Some people throw pennies around without a worry… I can even make this claim, looking around my room at tons of jars filled to its brim with pennies…

A few pennies can be found under my car seat and a few times I didn’t budge to pick them up but if it were a nickel or dime… So forth and so on I would immediately grab that coin and place it in my pocket…

Having change around isn’t of major importance but not having change around can be an issue at times…lol

Sometimes I have bigger bills on me and breaking a huge bill can be annoying…

Even if I have… lets say I have a few dollars on me and something costs $1.07, breaking another dollar to provide the cost for an item can also be annoying…lol

Some people look at it as a sign of being cheap or simple minded…I feel I think like a boss or a big business…

I disagree nonetheless with the initial notion

Moving along, if the penny were to be removed from our everyday lives it will disrupt our economy…with higher prices and inflation… Stocks would be altered… Charities won’t be able to utilize the penny fueling and raising millions of dollars for American charitable causes…Even the whole experience of finding and cherishing the fact that you’ve picked up a shiny penny on the ground, either on heads or tails, some people appreciate that simple experience of luck!

Some argue the penny is worthless, it’s a waste of time, its a waste of taxpayers money, many foreign nations have already eliminated denominations…

It may be simple but simplicity for us is huge. The originality of it all and how that can grow into something bigger and better is an amazing experience of growth and longevity.

So next time you see a penny maybe you can take a second guess, don’t just disregard it as a coin of no value because that single coin can grow into something phenomenal one day.

Peace Haas