Lee Shin had his shirt half tucked into his sweatpants and the female lead was supposed to help him pull it out. By accident, she pulled too hard and tore Taemin’s shirt open, exposing his upper body for a couple of seconds. Taemin let out an embarrassed laugh because this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Cr: 菜小绪_

  • sm:release teaser 2 days before album release
  • sm:release mv at 4
  • sm:actually release mv at 6
  • sm:actually release mv at 12
  • sm:actually release it the next day at 6 when no ones expecting
  • sm:and put an eversing ad on it. permanently.
  • shawols:
  • shawols:
  • shawols:I'M. SO. FURIOUS. YEAH.

When Lee Shin tried to sneak the female lead back to her house he was caught by the palace guard. Lee Shin tried to use aegyo to get the guard to let him off (hugging/pleading/nudging) but to no avail. Lee Shin leaned in for a kiss on the cheek but at that moment the guard turned his face and caught his lips. The audience erupted into laughter and squealing and Taemin was shocked at first but then laughed it off. Later, the palace guard teased the audience saying “you wish you were me don’t you?”

Cr: 菜小绪_