TMNT Season 2 finale had me like↑




The Invasion

I can’t put into words how much I loved this episode. It is OFFICIALLY My favourite episode of TMNT 2012. I wanna talk about everything that happened in this episode. But It would take too long and I’m a really lazy person. This episode made me cry, scream, laugh, fangirl. It left me barely functioning.Ugh, trying to explain how much I loved this episode is exhausting. 

So there are a couple of things are wanna talk about. So there will be


Shredder asking the Kraang to mutate Karai back to normal is a great moment showing character. And the fact that he remembers her as a little girl, he got to watch her grow up and it’s so powerful, even though she’s not his real daughter he cares about her so much. And of course he thinks that if she turns back to normal she would want to stay with him, Even though she told him a million times that she’s not his daughter and she hates him, and her mutation is his fault, he still expects her to live with him after he turns her back. He’s just that kind of person. He believes what he wants to believe. It’s a messed up but great character. 

I think that one of the best Raph/Donnie moments was in this episode. And Donnie wasn’t even in that scene! When Casey asks Raph if April ever talks about him he immediately thinks about Donnie. He told Donnie a million times that it’ll never work out but he still doesn’t want to see his brother get hurt. That’s why he says “It doesn’t matter, you know how Donnie feels about her”. He knows that it would really hurt Donnie if something happened between Casey and April and that’s why Raph expects Casey to not go after April, to protect Donnie. Just this tiny moment between Casey and Raph is my favourite Donnie/Raph moment ever.

I guess at the beginning I thought that the conflict between Donnie and Leo should have been a bit more built up. Maybe it would have been better but it still worked very well because of their personalities. Leo’s first priority is to keep his family safe. No matter what, first his brothers, then the rest. Donnie’s first priority is April  brains, he is a stubborn turtle, he thinks science is the answer and he believes that his invention can work while Leo can’t take this risk, he can’t afford to fail.

Another great moment was when Donnie tried to tell April how he felt. I thought that was a really smart way of letting Donnie understand that it may never happen for them. Just saying that he should stop talking, the answer could really hurt him. After that, they gave us little hints that Donnie is slowly accepting the fact that April likes Casey. Wich may lead to less Donnie being obsessive in the next season.

That moment, when Splinter looks around the lair, sees everything destroyed, his home, everything he worked hard to build, where his sons grew up. That moment destroyed me and that’s when I cried the first time watching this episode. Then he looked at that photo and I felt something. Most of the time we see him stare at the old photo of his human family, him, Tang Shang and Miwa. We saw it like 50 times. And now we see him stare at a picture of his sons. This is so meaningful. He lost his first family, everything that was so important to him. And now he’s really close to loosing his family again. This time he starts to act, he calls himself Yoshi, reminds himself that history should not repeat itself and then he goes to find his sons. Such an amazing moment. 

I think that fight with Leo was amazing, so emotional and when he was thrown through the window I stopped breathing…He was so brave he fought so hard, he tried everything in his power, he was at his best in this episode. Just being Leo the hero, putting his needs aside, trying to protect his family, standing up to someone who has been trying to destroy his life for a really long time. He is the true hero of this episode. He lost, but at least he lost with honor, while Shredder doesn’t even know what honor is anymore. And that horrifying moment, seeing the face of his brothers when he’s thrown through the window, the concern, It was perfect! 

The next moment in the episode that made me cry is the same moment that made me cry in the movie. Shredder beating Splinter and the turtles not able to do anything about it, just stand there and watch. I started crying when i heard all of them scream NO. That really got me. It was done a little better in the show because i had time to cry. In the movie it was too rushed. Anyway, that’s when I started crying. Then Raph lost control, I couldn’t stop crying. I just felt exactly what Raph felt, I knew what he was feeling, I was so connected to the characters, that’s exactly what I would have done. Then I saw Mikey’s determined face right before he calm him down. He was prepared for something and for a second there i though he was gonna tackle him, pin him down so he wouldn’t do anything stupid. Instead he gave him a hug. That’s when I cried hysterically. Mikey knew EXACTLY what Raph needed, he didn’t need to beat Shredder up because that wouldn’t make him feel better at all. He knew what Raph needed was a tiny hope that his father may still be alive. And if he isn’t, he still has his little brother. That was my favourite moment of the finale. Not even when Mikey screamed “This is for my brother” when he threw the couch, and you know how crazy I am about Mikey/Leo moments. 

Next thing I liked is that they actually used the turtles mech, so they really did try everything they could before leaving the city. And i loved that the kraang did take over New York, the fact that they didn’t reunite with Splinter, the fact that Leo is not ok. (I’m cruel to this characters. Seriously, why do I complain about crying if I actually like when this happens?) They took it to another level, everything is messed up, they now need something huge to free New York, we saw how everything they tried failed so we have no idea what will happed next and I love it. I am sooooo excited to see new environment, new atmosphere, something we’re not familiar with. And I’m really glad that we only have to wait for it for 2 weeks. Or maybe even 1 week. Seriously, anyone wanna explain the logic of releasing the episodes a week earlier online? Are they really doing the same thing they did to Korra?! Nah. they wouldn’t.

Anyway, this season was AMAZING!!!! It was perfect and I wouldn’t change an episode! It got better with every episode and I am so glad that they’re making it darker, taking risks, this is a great show and I can’t wait to see more!!

Next up is WIthin the wood, the first episode of the third season!