Wanted to play with a mini-speedpaint tonight to warm up for commissions and practice with some new brushes, and went with some fanart of my favourite size-shifting sweetheart, Leomon32's Bahn~ <3

God, I’ve wanted to draw this gorgeous gentle giant for yeeeeeeears…. I’d still like to draw a proper full-body pic of this guy someday, but that’ll have to be when I don’t have commissions to finish.

Strange Deviant Art routine (might work everywhere) :

- People who comment and give you always a positive feedback but never fav your work.

- People who give advice but they never ever drew before.

- People who ask you to draw something just for the sake of having something from you and don’t even give a shit when you do it.

- People who watch you ONLY to have something from you.

- People who ask for a commission… but a free one… which is a request…meh !?

- People who keep on telling you that you have a Yaoi gallery on Y! and even link you the “supposed artist” :V

- People who ask you to draw nasty shit 8V

- People


talking-fiction replied to your post: 9 & 21!

Your friend sounds really nice! Haha, that’s not cheesy at all, if I had a boyfriend I’m sure I’d want to be in the same place. :P

Haha, I realized after I hit submit that I didn’t specify. The best friend and the boyfriend are the same person. So yes, he is really nice. :D But he’s at work right now, not to mention several thousand miles away…

by =leomon32

Reminder : The deadline is on the end of September^^ also, as unfair as it seems, if there’s not enough entries, I’ll be forced to cancel the contest (multiple entries from the same person doesn’t count)

Thanks in advance

So here we goes, a new contest, a simple one lol not really no ha ha ha

First prize :

Yeah I bought it for you because you know that I’m not into Pokemon x3”

Second prize :

1000 DA points or the equivalent on your Paypal

Third prize :

A portrait of your OC (if you have any, otherwise, the character you want)

DEADLINE : 17 September

So here’s what to do :

* Draw Bahn and the Pokemon who fits him most*

What I will

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