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Write twenty facts about yourself and then pass it on to twenty of your favorite followers

  1. I’m currently studying for a degree in psychology
  2. I’ve been playing piano for like 11 years
  3. I’m rly obsessed with ‘Amnesia’ by 5sos it’s SOSOS sosos  gOOD
  4. I moved to the UK when I was like 10 and english was rly hard to learn
  5. I have a drawer full of Gackt merch it’s like a shrine im so sorry
  6. A lot of my friends seem to think I’m the devil incarnate 
  7. I’m a pretty hard person to get a grasp of but I’m a great friend once you’re used to me
  8. Hedgehogs are so cute i want a hedgehog someone pls buy me a hedgehog
  9. I can spend nearly 4 hours in a starbucks at one time
  10. I just dyed my hair this morning :^)
  11. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a big part of my life
  12. I literally work at Central Perk
  13. My clothing style is so diverse i can go from my chemical romance music video extra to pastel princess in like 2 days
  14. I’ve recently become strangely addicted to chicken caesar salads???
  15. I marvel over jr’s bone structure at least 3 times daily
  16. I recently learned that a break up with someone that you really love and care about is almost impossible to recover from
  17. I will never understand how to buy 2+ things on ebay from the same shop and have them shipped together
  18. I really like watching movies that make me cry
  19. I just dropped a dress size!!
  20. Re:Birth is one of my favourite kpop albums yet

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