Only one person on the team knew that Fitz was hallucinating Simmons. Inspired by this post by fitzsimmmonsy. Takes place while Simmons is at HYDRA very obviously. Day 19 of 365 of my FitzSimmons fic a day project.

Due to lack of interest, tomorrow is canceled Let the clocks be reset and the pendulums held - Kaiser Chiefs


Only one person on the team knew that he was hallucinating Simmons. Others had their suspicions, but Skye was the person that figured it out. He had been having a one sided conversation (with himself) when he thought he was alone in the lab, instead Skye had been lurking in the shadows.

“Fitz who are you talking to?”

He turned around and saw Skye standing there with a concerned look on her face.

“Um…well, you see. Well.”

Fitz trailed off. Talking still wasn’t one of his strong points - not that it ever really was.

“Are you seeing things Fitz?”

He didn’t answer, but the look on his face must have given it away. He was expecting Skye to give him a look or say something. To judge him, to run away. To do anything besides what she did.

Hug him.

“Who is it?”

He tensed up at the contact, before letting himself deflate slightly at the tender tone in his friend’s voice.

“Je-Simmons. It’s always Simmons.”

Skye gave a slightly strangled-noise-from her throat. Fitz was just about to ask what was wrong when she pulled back, and pushed him into a chair.

“Promise me you’re not going to move.”

“Wha-are you going to tell Coulson? Report me?”

He must have sounded panicked, as she gave him a trusting smile. It didn’t do much, because if they found out about this then by all rights he would be removed from any active work and sent straight to a shrink.

“No. Just promise me you won’t move? Don’t talk to anything either, okay Leopold? I’ll be right back.”

She looked him directly in the eyes, and he decided he could do nothing better than trust her. So he nodded.

He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, but when she came back it was with a set of keys and a smile on her face.

“AC/DC thinks I’m going stir crazy in here so I got him to give me permission to leave to go to a specific list of approved places that he is totally monitoring why I’m out. Oh and I needed an escort, and wouldn’t you know it that you Leopold Fitz qualify for escort duty?”

He gave her a look, wondering what she was truly about but didn’t have much time to process everything as she grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

Two hours later they were at a McDonalds of all places, Skye casually drinking while cheering Fitz on as he ate as many McNuggets as they had been allowed to order.

“Has your appetite always been this large?”

“Nearly ate me Ma out of…out of…”

He trailed off, there was a word here he needed but he couldn’t remember-

“House and home?”

He looked at Skye with a smile. That was it. Skye smiled back at him.

“I always had a small addiction to the apple pies, whenever the world around me was falling apart an apple pie from McDonalds always…”

Skye trailed off as she looked out the window.

“Made you feel like…like you were at home?”

Skye’s face lit up at Fitz being able to finish her sentence. Fitz finished his last McNugget (“I can’t believe you ate 83 of those things.”), and Skye pulled him up from the table. She looped her arm in his as they walked outside.

“We can go to a zoo, or a movie theater. Which way my little science nerd?”


Skye laughed.

Later that night as they came back they realised they were the only people awake. They slowly walked into the kitchen area where somebody had left an old radio station on that was playing a soft big band tune.

Before Fitz knew what was going on Skye had pulled him into a dance, leaning her head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her. They swayed in silence for a minute, just thankful for each other’s company.

“Thank you.”

He felt Skye smile into his sweatshirt.

“What are friends for Fitz?”

Later as he walked into his bunk he realised from the second Skye had found him that day he hadn’t thought of Simmons once.

Maybe he could make it through.