I found these footballs in the Puma store the other day. I took out the camera and began clicking frantically much to the ire of the cashier who must have given me an evil eye or two (I’m not sure as I had my eye in the viewfinder).

After what must have been a torturous period of time for him looking at me taking pictures of the footballs, he finally broke and asked Nupur (who was the one responsible for me being in the Puma store in the first place) - "Is he with you?"

India should be more Photographer friendly. What’s the harm in taking a picture or two? It has to grow.. :-)

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161/365. Man In The Mirror. on Flickr.

This is zero creativity. Super tired today.
Honest feedback please.

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254/365. Cheated. on Flickr.

Again! And again! And again!
Every time I take a rick… That’s the norm.
Sometimes I wonder why these guys drive an auto. A knife or a dagger would be much cheaper. Just dress up like they do and whenever someone passes by, simply loot them.
Too much about auto-wallahs.

I hate the fact that I shot this is JPEG. Can’t stand that format. Its gets killed during PP.. And not just killed, it gets brutally murdered.. Brutally. There are no details left. No highlights and shadows lost.. Like someone painted over a really nice composition.

RAW Rules!!!

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214/365. Strawberry Swing. on Flickr.

I know technically its not a swing. But there are strawberries. Half of the title is true.
This was from my photowalk in Dehradun. I went around one evening with the camera. Many more walks left. Hopefully!
I can’t get this Coldplay song out of my head now. What beautiful lyrics:

Now the sky could be blue
I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time

Could be blue
I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time

Could be blue,
Could be grey
Without you I’m just miles away

Could be blue
I don’t mind
Without you it’s a waste of time

Here’s a link to the video. Also one of my favourites.
Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

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225/365. Buffaloes. on Flickr.

Found this group of buffaloes in my happy place. Tried to take some pictures on the 50mm. One of them actually charged towards me. That’s when I decided to take a hike and photograph something else. :-)

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223/365. Spread. on Flickr.

This is from the same day as the last picture. I think it was stupid of me to try capturing a pigeon in flight with a 50mm prime that too wide open. I think I shot this at f/2.5 but I was mindful enough to fire the flash.

Hence, the crispness (if any) explained. I’ve never really used a Canon but I like this one. Not too happy with the colours though, but maybe I don’t know how to adjust them.

This one is a little over-sharpened. I have the default in Lightroom set as “Sharpen for screen” while exporting.

Note to self: Change that!!!

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217/365. Wild Purple Ones. on Flickr.

I don’t take picture of flowers. Principally because I don’t find anything creative in them. No offense intended but that’s my personal opinion.
Also, I don’t take such pictures because I do not really have access to a lot of flowers.
I spotted these purple flowers in my front yard where I took a lot of pictures today. Would be putting them up soon. I don’t know if these are wild or not but they look wild purple flowers to me.

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243/365. on Flickr.

I have a knack for screwing up pictures due to my forgetfulness. I forget memory cards, I forget to turn off ISO settings or switch back from JPEG to RAW.
So today, when I accidentally forgot to take out the grain setting, I made it a point to reprocess this picture, so I don’t make the same mistake again.

About the picture: Took this at dominos while waiting for my order. Asked this cute kids’ mum permission to take the picture. Very unlike me!

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