[Photos Above (From Left to Right): The Ulyanov family, Lenin (Age 17), Lenin (Age 21, picture taken for his University examinations)]

Happy anniversary, Comrade Lenin!

One hundred and forty-five (145) years ago, on 22nd April (1870), a man was born into a bourgeois family in Simbirsk (Imperial Russia) that would change the lives of millions throughout the world, inspire the exploited workers and peasants into revolution, and set fear into the hearts of capitalists with the foundations of the world’s first workers state.

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, more commonly known as Lenin, driven by the teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and fuelled by the death of his older brother Aleksandr at the hands of the Tsarist regime, set a course in Marxist history that would leave the world stunned as one faction, the Bolsheviks, and its charismatic leader, gained the full support of the workers and peasants, and led them against the Tsar of the Russian Empire through the Great October Socialist Revolution, ending Russia’s participation in the first world war, a costly conflict that resulted in the death of millions and the destruction of all infrastructures, ceasing the continued exploitation by nobility and clergy of the workers and peasants, and establishing the ideology that would serve as the foundation of the first workers state, the first socialist industrial nation in the world.

The success of Lenin’s leadership and of the struggle by the workers and peasants stood out as a beacon of hope for many other nations worldwide, and his teachings and the peoples’ experience would soon spread, further influencing and inspiring the oppressed, exploited masses to crack open their shackles and revolt against those who had kept them in perpetual darkness for long so.

Lenin may be no more, but his ideas, his thoughts, his teachings are immortal.