Порция карандашных няш. Доступ к планшету теперь еще реже, так что рисую на бумаге, хех. Могу еще кого-нибудь нарисовать :3

Если коробкоконфа и лента в тумблере меня не обманывает, сегодня день рожденья Дума. Надо нарисовать подарок! Рисоватьрисоватьрисовать! Дыа!


Lenich’s Gravity Falls Theme 8-Bit Version


Hey, they finally finished it! Three Russian bronies and my good friends, Lenich, Kirya and dəep translated in Russian, readaptated and recorded ‘Pinkie’s Brew’ from ‘Friendship is Witchcraft’! And the track they finaly get turned out to be really, really good! Just listen to it!


On the subject of gypsy jazz (yes, it’s an actual thing), some bronies came up with one of the best and most unique examples of the genre.

This is Russian Gypsy Jazz, and it’s AWESOME.

Say what you will about bronies and the MLP fandom in general (I’m staying out of that flame war), but some excellent music has come from them, the above being an excellent example.

Apparently, this is a Russian gypsy jazz version of an English song from an MLP parody called “Friendship is Witchcraft”, so yeah, I’d say it counts as being obscure.

So sit back, relax, and give Russian gypsy jazz a chance.


Omg, I think this is Ramshuul's voice actor.

And this may or may not be pretty similar to his history. »


russian Pinkie pie’s Portal song by Lenich original by the SherclopPones


"Crude stew, do you fear it Apple Bloom?
Sometimes life is not a cake walk, served up on a silver spoon”


Не знаешь, где фотографировать - просто положи на фоне Фарю :3

Ленич и Ми-ми-минус! Йей! С каждым днем на моем столе разводится все больше и больше поней…сегодня на очереди Агент Диего, хех :3