Slender Man

Last night, at about 8PM, Lavi, Lenalee and I took a stroll to Kanda’s house. It was getting late, dark, and quite scary outside. We wanted to troll him so hard, but unfortunatley, we had to turn back because it was too late outside. So we casually raced home in the dark listening to Panic at the Disco when a car started following us… Me, being the most responsible one there (Lol, not really) noticed this and pointed this out. I even texted Kanda what was going on. The car stopped and this tall, dark guy in a suit walks out casually smoking weed. And guess what? Lenalee started talking to him. I yelled at her and we started running back to Lavi’s house. We went up to his room and stared out the window. Guess what we saw? The same guy in his car in Lavi’s front yard, still smoking weed. Lenalee had told me he was dark and might have had a Jamaican accent, so I assumed it was either Bob Marley or Slender Man. Both options made me crap my pants a little bit. He stayed there ALL NIGHT. When we woke up, he was STILL THERE. And then he got out of his freakin’ car and rang the doorbell. All three of us were scared as hell because Bookman wasn’t home. I suddenly grew some balls and answered the door… I then realized it was Uncle Neah. FFFFFUUUUUUU.


But I still think it was Slender Man. I mean…Uncle Neah certainly DOES qualify for Slender Man. Don’t you think? :l

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Hi Lenalee mun! Do you think you could write a drabble to mcr's ghost of you for kanda and lenalee? That last one you wrote was really cute. ^______^

It replayed in her head like a broken tape record. She’d driven him to it. She killed him. And though she scrubbed herself until her skin turned raw, the blood never truly went away. Every night. Every night she held him and then watched him disappear like a never ending nightmare. He was everywhere and tonight he’d been sitting comfortably in the reflection of her mirror. Cradling her in his arms, but she dared not look fearing his illusion would go away. The very thought sent chills up her spine. His lips were to her ears and she swore she felt his breath. “I’m sorry.” he said. The very words weakened her to tears. Kanda said it the night he died and desperately she wanted to tell him everything she couldn’t before. Everything she felt. She broke herself free from the bind her conjured up image of Kanda held her in and turned to face him. If she could just tell him. It would be okay. It would all be okay. Her hand found nothing to grasp though no matter how much she willed for it to come back. Lenalee took a look back at her reflection and realized she was truly all alone. Forever.


((Anon! Do you know how much I love this song? sjkfna;ajnkja I’m no good at angst, but can I get the you tried award? No? Okay. ; n; ))

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I don’t have any??? OR Allen/Lenalle


same??? Also maybe Bak/Fou




ehhhh don’t have any????

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Cifuentes instalará cámaras en la zona donde actúa el pederasta

La delegada del Gobierno en Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, ha anunciado este lunes la instalación de cámaras en la zona donde actúa el secuestrador de Ciudad Lenal, con el fin de servirse de esas imágenes para avanzar en la investigación.