The secret to enjoying Beautiful Creatures is reading it aloud. Yes. It’s final. I will be reading the book again. It has 563 pages and I’m on the 278th. It can’t stay untouched. It has to be read and I’m quite guilty for just ignoring it.

I have one more pending book to read, hence, I can’t buy yet The Fall of Five (which is killing me by the way). I will read it during sem break. So I should finish this in a month or two. Haha!

I am such a lazy a**! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve already seen the movie before I even started reading this or this was written in a my-not-so-type way. Whatever that is, I’m gonna be pushing myself to finish this… and even read the remaining books.

Who knows, there might be surprises as the story develops? I’m still not in the middle of everything so I’m crossing my fingers and toes.

Have I mentioned that this line was taken from the book? I think it would be nice to hear someone say that to me too because only a Caster who can write it on a wall using her mind can magically confess without using her mouth. I can’t just fall all the time and not get anything out of it. Someone should fall for me too. Not just someone but someone I’m so deeply, madly and crazy in love with. Whatevs.

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