What a shit fucking day! I almost didn’t stay sober but it’s after 9 now and the liquor stores are closed so I am safe. I know that I will feel better about things tomorrow but in the meantime I’m going to bitch about the shit day I had.

·I woke up with a still aching back.
·One of my newly hung window valances fell off the wall during the night.
·I had to walk my dogs in the rain.
·I dropped a tub of butter on my toe.
·Both of my dogs pissed on my bedroom floor.
·My son tossed all the laundry that I washed and folded on his bedroom floor.
·A child told me something their parent told them that I did when I was 19-20. It’s true, (petty theft) I did it, but why would a parent feel the need to share that with their child? It was hurtful.
·I got ANOTHER traffic citation. My vehicle is obviously being profiled.

Obviously I am not in the best of moods. I have done everything on my “Don’t just sit there like a dumbass, do something Action Plan” except make a gratitude list. So here it is. I sure hope it helps.

I am grateful for the following things…

·Modern medicine - without it I would be crippled.
·Super Glue - because it’s freaking awesome!
·Rain - it makes things grow.
·Yoga - it makes my toes stronger.
·My dogs - I’ll have to come back to this one.
·My son - without him my patience would probably never be tested.
·Mean people - they remind me of who I don’t want to be.
·Police officers - they are here to protect us and keep us safe :/
·Sobriety - I didn’t have to deal with today with a hangover.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Apologies are not necessarily an admission of guilt. Sometimes we need to say we’re sorry simply because the other person needs to hear it.