"These crystals were discovered in a bed of sand and completely separate of each other. Unlike other crystals, Lemurian Seed Crystals are not found in clusters, which in geological terms this means that they are an anomaly of nature. There is no scientific explanation for this. The only place where these crystals are found are in the Diamantina region of Brazil, South America which is known for their tapered, long laser wand crystals. The difference with these crystals is both physical and mystical properties. Physically, Lemurian Seed crystals often display ladder-like grooves which cross the body of the crystal. They can also have very clear interiors. Many lemurian crystals also display a reddish pink tinge which is caused by a light coating of iron oxide. 

A theory of their origin includes Lemurian Seed crystals are believed to hail from Lemuria, (also known by some as Mu), the ancient civilization said to have sunk in the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago.”

Ancient Explorers

We are super excited to announce our Spring 2015 US Tour with Lemuria and Somos! This is the first announcement of many cool things we will be doing this year.

Tickets go onsale this Friday (most shows at 12 EST)! Ticket links to each individual show can be found at http://www.groundcontroltouring.com/tours/tigers-jaw .

We couldn’t be more excited to tour with such awesome bands and are really looking forward to the routing, which will allow us to play some places that we unfortunately were unable to get to this past US tour. We look forward to seeing you this Spring!


  • Dog
  • Lemuria
  • Get Better

I feel like you’ve died and I want you back
But I know that I will never see you again

Walking around trying to keep my mouth shut
While the pity piles up

Like a goddamn dog with it’s tail between it’s legs
Ashamed of trying to butter up your obituary
At least I can say I tried with you

  • Hours
  • Lemuria
  • The First Collection

We don’t kiss, we just lay there
I got your nose in my hair
Hands on my hips and you’re wondering:
Am I ticklish
Yes I’m ticklish everywhere you touched
It’s morning the alarm screams
You have to go soon, you have to get out of bed
It’s cold when you move
This is torture, it’s fucking horrible
You don’t want to leave