thank you for joining us in celebration of peculiarity!

it was an honor to have each and every one of you in attendance. we understand that you have many obligations and we appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to join us. we hope that you found the event to be a great networking platform.

again, we sincerely thank you for choosing to be a part of the peculiar woman picnic.

and for those who couldn’t make it, we’re hoping to host the next pwp in brooklyn! stay tuned…..

special thanks to our lovely host lemonmade + our chef, elise!

live in neon,

the neonV collective

photos credit: liz (las_estrellas) instagram; elise (currentlyelise) instagram; melissa (rock_yo_rizos) instagram

Learning how to do a photoshoot in 30mins!

So I rocked the day with LemonPresents. We knew she needed some new photos for her recently launched website. With the help of a good friend Dale Hogan I was shown the ropes on how to use my camera properly in a pro photo studio. Many thanks again to Dale and his family for helping us out. Check out his website www.dalehogan.ca. After that watch out for new updates from Lemon’s site www.lemonmade.tumblr.com. Pics to come!

Rosa Loves… Lemonmade Macarons & Mutants. 

Last year when I discovered Liz and her beautiful Instagram feed las_estrellas, I thought “if Liz and I were to meet in real life, I bet there would be a lot of desserts involved”. Well, guess what? I was right. I met her in person recently when she delivered some of her delicious

Watch on lemonthreefilms.tumblr.com

{Highlights} - Serra Alexine@1 from Lemon Three Films on Vimeo.

Venue: St. Louies Park Cafe & Catering Services
Theme: Little Princess
Balloon Decor: Zyra’s Balloon
Stage Setup: AMA Stage & Special Effects
Host/Magician: Alex Lagula
Photographer: Marmon Mondoc
Caterer: St. Louies Park Cafe & Catering Services
Cake: Alexine’s Sweet Options
Lemon Three Films
Like Us on Facebook: facebook.com/lemonthreefilms
Website: lemon-three.com
Mobile: +63.927.722.7440
Email: lemonmade@lemon-three.com