What do you mean this wasn’t in the Big Hero 6 end-credits scene?

P.S. You know Fred would be the one to suggest shawarma after saving San Fransokyo.

P.P.S. This is by far THE most complex piece I’ve ever done. *pats self on back*

"I’m really sad people aren’t giving Honey Lemon a chance just because she looks like Rapunzel. I’m really looking forward to a disney girl who is blonde and intelligent as a role model for young girls. I was always told I was stupid because of my hair color, and I hope a pretty, smart, blonde girl like Honey will inspire other young girls to ignore the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype."

Supporting survivors does not look like this: “Why didn’t you just _____?” “Are you sure that really happened?” “But he’s such a nice guy.” “Come on, you know you wanted her.” “You should’ve _____.” “Well, that was wrong but you shouldn’t ruin their whole life over it.” “I’m not going to take sides on this.” “Well, innocent until proven guilty.”

Supporting survivors looks like this: “I’m sorry this happened to you.” “You didn’t deserve this.” “It wasn’t your fault.” “I want to live to see a world where nobody ever has to go through this.”