Lemongrab 3 Headcanons

The third Lemongrab doesn’t have nearly enough headcanons just about him, and there was a post containing a whole bunch of headcanons for the first two but it was made before The Mountain even aired and we didn’t know what Frankengrab would become. 

But now we do.

So here are… a few things I’ve contemplated. 

1. Lemoncamel is his usual mount and something of a pet. Lemonegasus is used only for war or special occasions when he needs something that looks more fanciful than a camel. The lemon children now are the main caretakers and riders of Lemonegasus. 

2. Music is no longer legal within the walls of the Earldom.

3. He has thin, seamlike scars across his body where he was sewn together after being exploded. 

4. Fairly frequently during his healing process he would slip back into the full mentality of either of his predecessors and believe himself to be either LG1 or LG2, but he wouldn’t remember what had happened to him. This still can happen, but it’s very rare.

5. He thinks of LG1 and LG2 as his brothers. He considers himself a separate identity but is still learning what that identity is.

6. Many of the rooms in the castle are disturbing to him and are kept locked up. He won’t go into Lemonsweet’s closet, Lemonhope’s room, the reconditioning chamber, the old dining hall or even LG1′s old bedroom. The lemon children are also barred from entry to most of the forbidden rooms.

7. He gets closest to his brothers’ memories when he sleeps, and as a result has terrible nightmares. He has trouble sleeping because of this, and uses the baseball glove as a means of comfort because he associates it with feelings of acceptance and companionship.

8. He put the ceiling mural there so he’d have something to look at when he can’t sleep.

9. He no longer fears death, but is terrified of betrayal.

10. Sets of multiple children seem to be very common in second-generation lemon people. I actually don’t have a theory for this one, whether they were made that way or are actually being born and lemons just have a tendency towards identical offspring.