Over 2,500 feathers were used to make the beautiful one piece tutu. It was assembled by Lemarie Atelier. Made of ostrich plumes, turkey, hen, and cock feathers layered over a tulle and silk net. Karl Lagerfeld designed it for Elena Glurdjidze’s performance in the “The Dying Swan” as part of the National English Ballet’s season of Ballets Russes.

Superman #24.

I’ve never been a big Lois Lane comic fan. I know they’re SUPPOSED to be together but it’s never worked for me. I think she’s been incredible in live action and animated interpretations but in the comic not so much. I’ve never been able to figure out what Superman saw in her. I remember in the 90’s they broke up because he fell in love with Lori Lemaris (it wasn’t hard to see why he fell for her) but Lori was written out quickly when they rushed Lois and Clark back together in time for the wedding hoopla from the Lois & Clark TV show. Clark also lives in a world with Wonder Woman who in many of stories set in the future or alternate realities they’re a couple anyway. I LOVE that they’re together now but comic wise I just don’t get what’s so great about Lois Lane.

Then this issue came out. I can see for the first time in a long time what Clark would see in Lois. I think this paged worked on a lot of levels with one of those levels being that Lois now knows who Clark is (maybe the release of Man of Steel had something to do with that). 

I guess I’m starting to see what’s so great about Lois Lane after all. 

                  ♤ ♧ Dazzling DC Ladies Month (Day 5) ♡ ♢
                                          ➥ Breaking into Tangent

                   As part of their “Fifth Week" event in 1997, DC Comics published an experimental imprint, one where events and heroes developed vastly different from the DC Universe. Created and headed by none other than Dan Jurgens, the original inspiration for Tangent Comics was Julius Schwartz — the editor who, along with a plethora of creators, repurposed and repackaged Golden Age heroes into new heroes for the new Silver Age. Tangent, on the other hand, went one step further by reveling in its tagline: "you only know the names.” 

The comics line became known for its impressive roster of creators, its solid storytelling, and memorable characters. It came back in 1998, with even more new and fresh takes on characters; years later, the Tangent universe made appearances across the DCU in Infinite Crisis and Ion. The anniversary of its creation resulted in three volumes collecting the original run and Tangent Superman’s Reign, a 2008 DCU/Tangent crossover comic.

So what differences does Earth 97/Earth 9 have from the rest of the multiverse? The Cuban Missile Crisis ended with Cuba and most of the Southeastern parts of the States bombed out of existence. Arthur Thompson saved the rest of the world from the remaining missiles, thus starting a family legacy by becoming the Atom. Thanks to him, superhero presence and influence grew, resulting in a highly advanced technological society. Anti-gravity cars and virtual sims are the norm, while print is next to dead, thanks to everyone reading everything online. World’s Finest is the top rated and selling e-mag in existence; New Atlantis is the city of tomorrow, today — built on the ashes of bombed out Atlanta.

1997 starts to become the year where the third generation of superheroes emerge…and where truth and tragedy start to come out.

Read on to know more about today’s Tangent lady, created by Karl Kesel and Matt Haley!

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I just arrived in France for a semesta’ abroad at SORBONNE.   For those of you that know me, I have ALWAYS dreaded textbook shoppin’, but this year I’m feelin’ different. The latest trend is a “TECH BOOK” I believe in SCHOOL. YES. SCHOOL IS COOL. I mean that’s what got me to France RIGHT? (I’m sure most of you saw my last post on STATE BAGS, which is dedicated to donating a backpack to a child in need, for everyone that is SOLD). FASHION FORWARD= READ IT FORWARD Imagine – what if every virtual textbook you bought, a book was given to a child in need? What if you made a difference by bein’ #trendy? YOU CAN. McGraw Hill has started his UNREAL initiative called READ IT FORWARD. You buy a #trendy virtual textbook McGraw Hill donates a book to a child in need. I GOT MY MARKETING BOOK FROM MCGRAW  &  THEY GAVE A BOOK TO A CHILD IN NEED. If you’re buying’ schoolbooks, you mine as well do it before October 13, so a kiddo can get a book too :). HOW MUCH DOES THAT ROCK?! Xo, Larz | instagramtwitta’|  facebook youtubepinterest

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Welcome to Love and Comics, a spectacular display into the art of amore. This week we are bringing you five covers featuring the comic world’s finest blondes and brunettes to determine truly who has more fun. 

Wonder Woman #141 (Wonder Woman and Superman)

Wonder Woman and Superman are quite literally DC’s power couple. In this issue Wonder Woman’s invisible jet is manipulating her wishes and desires into reality and taking Superman and Batman along for the ride. It has some sort of telepathic link to Wonder Woman and creates a world where her and Kal-El fall in love. Ultimately the trio are awaken from the dream like state and go on with their super hero duties but Wonder Woman begins to realize that maybe her dream experience was trying to tell her something more about her feelings towards the boy in blue.

Brunettes: Big dreamers.

Wonder Woman: “I would give up the most perfect dream…for one moment of love.”

Supergirl # 3 

Linda Danvers is the alter ego of the 1970′s Supergirl. Like any college student, Danvers has her share of troubles and heartbreaks along with the occasional super heroics. In this issue Supergirl is dumped by her Valentine’s Day dance partner, Bob. She then spends the entire day before the dance solving her roommates problems. By the end of the issue Supergirl is left alone while everyone else is at the dance. Honestly, who wants a lame date named Bob anyway? You should’ve gone stag and danced with all the boys Supergirl.

Blondes: Selfless towards their roommates.

Dating tip #35: Quit crying and start dancing, life’s too short to skip a dance cause your date bailed…their loss.

Superman #12 (Clark Kent and Lori Lemaris)

Lori Lemaris is a pretty unknown name in Clark Kent’s little black book, even though she has one of the most interesting back stories of his past loves. Along with Lori being young, brunette, and beautiful she also appeared wheel chair bound throughout her appearance. The reason for this was because secretly Lori was a mermaid who wanted to be on land. Using a wheel chair and a blanket to cover up the lower half of her body, Lori explored the surface world and eventually ran into Clark Kent after a quirky meet cute that involved her wheel chair losing control and Clark catching her as she fell. The issue is a great one-shot of Clark Kent’s many flames: The Mermaid Lori.

Brunettes: Secretly mermaids.

Dating tip #65: Wait at least until the third date before you show them your fins.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #31 (Xander Harris and Dawn Summers)

This one is a tough issue to categorize because Buffy is definitely an iconic blonde heroine. However, her brunette sister Dawn is also adorning the cover locking lips with Xander Harris. This cover pays homage to many of the romance comics of the silver age showing Buffy’s tear filled eyes against the backdrop of Dawn kissing an x-love interest, Xander. If you ever watched the series you would know that Xander’s eye was gauged out by a Caleb (played by sci-fi fan favorite Nathan Fillion). Basically, Dawn is dating a pirate and Buffy is jealous.

Blondes: Into pirates.


X-men #24 (Rogue and Gambit)

Rogue and Gambit are up there as one of Marvel’s comic royal couples. They are basically Prince William and Kate Middleton…if Kate Middleton was a bad ass mutant who sapped powers and Prince William was a french thief. Maybe they aren’t anything like the royal couple but nevertheless they are famous in the eyes of X-men fans. It’s difficult to classify Rogue as a full brunette because of her iconic skunk streak. She is still a fan favorite for X-men aficionados, it’s just unfortunate that her cinematic debut in the X-men films lacked her true comic potential.

Brunettes: Can pull off highlights.

Dating tip #65: Always act like you are royal.

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anonymous said:

Do you know who embroiders for Dior couture? I know Vermont does, but I don't know who else. And also, do you think Raf utilizes the ateliers at hand like John? Do you believe he's pushed boundaries in terms of technique like John did? For example, John created the corsets that made the models' hips jut out for the spring 2004 couture show. Raf has done a lot of new things, but has he really done new things with the ateliers' talents?

They also have work by Atelier Vernoux, Maison Lemarie and Atelier Montex. I’m not sure about the others. Those were three houses that worked on the embroidery of the spring collection.

I think Raf utilises them, but in a very different way. For instance, that spring collection was extraordinary - the aeration, the flow of the fabric, the modernity of it all. It felt new and different. Everything was amazingly light. And for the winter couture, looking at the pleating and pintucking on some of the skirt and jacket looks (which resembled underwear) - they were absolutely extraordinary. It’s a very different way of working, but I suspect no less challenging.

Diingetin Balita

- Di perjalanan, ketika turun hujan: “Mama! Hujan! Doanya!”

- Bangun tidur, masih ngumpulin nyawa: “Eh ada yang bangun. Assayamuayaikum, Mama. Ayo doanya apa?”

- Pake baju: “Doanya Mama!” (sambil nunjuk-nunjuk tempelan doa di lemari)

- Abis makan: “Doanya?”

- Di parkiran, terik-terik, lagi riweuh antara: ambilin minum batita, buka dompet bayar parkir, dll. Si balita bersin: “Ayhamduyiyah. Mama beyum biyang ‘Ya(r)hamukawwoh’.”