I really enjoy making flashcards and studying from them simce it showed as the best option for me.
I want to share this study routine with you.
The Leitner System allows you to prioritize your studying, focusing on flashcard (words).
Flashcards which you know, are moved without a lot of efforts to higher compartments, and flashcards, which you have trouble to memorize are more often repeated.
● The idea is that the easier it is to recall the material on a flashcard the less often that flashcard will be repeated in the future. The reverse follows.
● The harder it is to recall the material on a flashcard the more often it will be repeated. The repetition of each flashcard is scheduled, or spaced, in such a way that the learner spends most of their time studying material that is more challenging.
● Material that has been retained well is studied only occasionally to ensure it has not been forgotten.

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u know what makes u super awesome is that you're ridiculously talented and so kind and gracious to your followers and honestly you might just be one of the nicest and most helpful people on this website and i'm just really grateful i follow you :) hope you had a lovely weekend xo

Oh my gosh okay I just have to post this because this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever told me and I seriously want it on my blog forever :’) Thank you so much for following and for sending me this and I love you you’re really too kind to me!!!!!!

According to Kicker Passlack and Burnic could be travelling to Asia with the first team in July. Hofmann and Leitner will also be back for that. They play a big role in Dortmund’s thoughts for next season.