Today, Lakota, Dakota, Anishinabe, Apache, African, Irish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and other anti-racist individuals stood together to fight against the attempted nazi takeover of Leith, North Dakota.

In the first 7 photos, activists led by indigenous resistors can be seen making a presence to ensure that neo nazi/confederate fascists know they have no chance of taking over Leith.

In the 8th and 10th photos, police are protecting neo nazis/confederates, making sure they’re allowed to continue with their white power nonsense.

In the end, it was people power that sent the supporters of these nazi cowards home. Today, anti-racist resistance made it quite clear that the attempted nazi takeover of Leith will be a total failure. In the second to last photo, nazis retreat as the defeated cowards they are.

Live updates throughout the protest were available via: 


Primary sources for photos and info via @drjumpingeagle, @245NorthMain, and @lastrealindians​ on twitter

Background information: http://anti-imperialism.com/2013/09/21/emergency-action-nsm-setting-up-nazi-town-in-rural-usa/


‘I’d love to be in a period drama – that’s my obsession. But being a mixed-race actress, there aren’t so many roles you’re right for. There are lots of period stories to be told with ethnic people in them, but the stories that are being told are not those ones. And that’s frustrating. No, it’s not an easy industry, but so far I have been lucky, so I will keep going.’ - Antonia Thomas

Attempt At Building White Supremacist Enclave In North Dakota Bedeviled By Flag-Thieving Native American Grandmas, Poop Crisis

The plans for a neo-Nazi paradise in Leith, North Dakota, are running into a few speedbumps, it seems. As we noted a while back, white supremacist Craig Paul Cobb has been buying up a passel of abandoned properties in the town of 19, hoping to get enough like-minded bigots to move in and take it over. The existing residents are not one bit happy about it. Nor are other North Dakotans, including the Lakota and Dakota grandmothers pictured above, who according to the Last Real Indians blog “captured and burned” a Nazi flag from the town while a group of several hundred Native Americans and others protested the neo-Nazi presence in Leith last Saturday. We advise the White Power Rangers to recognize when they’re beaten, and to not piss off the grannies any futher.