Saturday at Leica Store Miami...

Today I’m going to be doing comparisons / lens tests / answering questions about any current Leica cameras and lenses. Any gear you want me to test, let me know and I’ll go take some pictures right now and upload them to our Flickr account in high resolution so you can check them out.

That’s right, I’m live-blogging photos and info on any Leica you want to know about! Just for you!

Got a question about that 35 you’ve been wanting? Debating between an f/2 or an f/1.4 ? Which one has the highest resolution in the far corners (where all the important aspects of your image should always be, right?)

Today is your day to find out. I am standing here with nearly every Leica lens currently manufactured, and I’d like to answer your questions about them. I’ve got an M9, an M Monochrom (a personal favorite) and the new M typ 240 as well as every incredible Summilux, Noctilux, Summicron, Summarit, Elmarit, etc. (I even have the mighty Leica S and lenses here, so if you want to see that, let me know!)

Ask here!

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