Hi, Ira. How are you?

Hey, it’s Ira.

Hi, just to let you know this has already started recording.

Noted, we’re on the record. I’m prepared with my important answers to the national security and other public policy questions that will be presented.

Pretty much, have you ever been associated with a member of the Communist Party?

Have I been with the Communist Party? Not the Communist Party, no.

Thank you for making time to do this. We are all really big fans over here. First off, since you recently crossed the 500th episode mark, how has your selection process for topics evolved from the beginning and how do you search out new material for the show?

In the beginning, the premise of the show was that we we were going to apply the tools of journalism to things so small and personal that journalists don’t normally bother with them. We’re trying to have compelling characters and emotional moments and funny moments and, after doing that for a number of years, myself and the producers on the staff became very interested in trying that same kind of story but doing it for the news. More and more, I think, we’ve been tackling things that are in the news — things that other people try to cover in other ways but we do it with stories that are gripping and emotional and more narrative in a very traditional way and less like news features in that newsy news way.

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Wonderful art from  Herakut

Herakut is the name of a two-person team of German street artists specializing in murals. Jasmin Siddiqui, or “Hera,” and Falk Lehman, “Akut,” call themselves graffiti artists, most of their work is commissioned; smaller Herakut works have also been exhibited more formally in galleries. They have also released two books: The Perfect Merge and After the Laughter, which are retrospectives covering 2004-2009 and 2009-2011, respectively.

More to follow :)

#Building_Buddy @BLDGBUDDY #Rosslyn_Twin_Towers #Office #Architect #HOK #Contractor #George_Fuller_Construction #Built #1980 #27_Stories #1100000_sf #Owner #Monday_Properties #Equity #Lehman_Brothers #Anchor_Tenant #Northrop_Grummand ; These belles of the #DC #Skyline look great , especially for their age. Due to their height the #FAA tried to block the development of these 2 buildings. Good thing they didn’t. Once home to #Gannett these towers contain a number of tenants that span across public and private sectors. Purchased as a part of a huge fund level purchase of the #Beacon_Capital portfolio in #2007 by a #Lehman - #Monday_Properties #joint_venture these 2 buildings became the spat of a fight between the #lehman_bankruptcy_estate in early #October after #Goldman_Sachs backed out of a deal to #buyout Lehman’s majority interest. Whatever happens these buildings will still be 2 of DC’s best! (Taken with Instagram at 1100 Wilson Blvd)