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Stiles and Lydia travel across the country to New York City. What begins as a spontaneous vacation as friends soon progresses into stolen kisses and sweet, romantic nights tangled together with the streetlights glowing through the open blinds. Mornings are spent much the same way, with the streets outside bustling and the smell of coffee rousing them to the adventures of a new day. The night life and tourist attractions in the concrete jungle pale in comparison to the love they finally get to share together.

anonymous asked:

Is Misha your favorite?

i like how vague this is–i’m like 80% sure dagger32 sent it because she always asks me this

BUT TO ANSWER, MISHA is kind of what got me to start watching spn again, because levia!cas was too hard to pass up. his wife, who is an incredibly creative open-minded woman, has stuck with him all these years for a reason. the guy is goofy, supportive, serious when he needs to be, and the most awkward handler of technology ever

so in short, he kind of is my favorite. i get associated with him occasionally, and i’m flattered by that, because he has such a cool stage presence and way he holds himself. so while it’s tough to measure, yeah, he’s a favorite of mine

Anonymous said:

Do you draw kissing or NSFW

occasionally, yeah! i always tag anything nsfw, but most stuff is kind of just kept to myself. it’s good anatomy practice! and somewhat self-indulgent (HOWEVER, i will get the occasional raunchy commission, and i really work hard on those. still scared i’m gonna get a jucifer one)

but nah, once i start streams back up, i think the gist of the naughty stuff you’ll get is like