Winning is fun!

Today was the Break A Leg 5K.  I had signed up thinking that A) it would be a fun race and B) I might PR.

Recovery from NYCM and last weekend’s half marathon is taking it’s time though.  I can run fine, but I’m not up to speed at all, so I decided to run conservatively instead in hopes of having a clean run and maybe placing in my age group.

The weather this afternoon was 60 degrees with a light rain.  What started out as a small race (400ish) got even smaller thanks to the rain (183 finishers).  As I looked around the small crowd I suspected I might could win my age group or place in the top 3 females.

The course ran through downtown Memphis, but in the opposite direction of most 5K courses.  Instead of running down the bluff, we would be running up the bluff during our first mile.

I set out with no iPod and just focused on breathing smoothly and trying to have good form and be comfortable.  By the time we were half a mile in, I was the third female.  Things were looking good, but we were starting our uphill climb.  I was afraid I would get passed on the hill, but a funny thing happened.  I started passing other runners.  By the time we reached the top I was the second female.  

Mile 1:  7:36

I was closing in on the first female, but knew it would take more effort to run her down.  She was thinner than me, but her Achilles heel was that she was overdressed.  When she went to take her jacket off, I made my move and passed her (I should mention I talked to her after the race and she was really nice).

It was happening- I was in first place!  I was trying not to get too excited because I knew I could still get passed.  For once in a race, I was very conscious of not running too fast. 

Mile 2: 7:48

A fun thing happens when you are first- people tell you!  Every time I would run through an intersection or past race volunteers they would yell “Here comes the first female!”  Um…yeah…not gonna lie, I enjoyed the mild rock star status.  As I was getting close to the last half mile, I spotted Miles out cheering the runners.  I wasn’t expecting him, so it was a really nice bonus!

I continued down third street where Eric was waiting for me.  When he realized I was first, he took off running in his jeans down Beale Street with me.  The last couple blocks were all uphill, but it was one of the most fun hills I have run!

Mile 3: 7:27



Finishing time:  24:49 and first place female!

The best part was my trophy and prize.  Because the race was a fundraiser for our theater that hosts Broadway shows, I won 3 pairs of box seats to upcoming shows and a sweet leg lamp trophy (this season’s holiday show is A Christmas Story).  

Our friend Kyle took first overall, so it was a great day all around!


#swag (yes, the trophy lights up)